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    Hello everyone I'm happy to find a website like this. I'm new at this so sorry about the new business questions. I have a bid I'm working on, and am stumped on how to charge for fertilizing. There is about 9.5 acres of flat land. I've seen on this site where they charge per sq. ft. , but did not know if there was a certain charge for arces. Another thing I figured $40 pre arce for mowing. There is quite a few companies around here, and this job is a big one for me. Not to mention it is within 2 miles of my shop. Should I lower my price to get the job?

    Thanks your response ia appreciated,
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    $40.00 an acre is pretty cheap. I wouldn't go lower. As far as the fert goes. You have to figure your cost. Say you are using a Lesco fert. 50# bag covers 12,500 sq ft. almost 4 bags for an acre. $60 per acre in product. (Pre-M is much higher) I use to get about $150 an acre on large jobs.
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    Ther are several questions to ask yourself. Do have the capacity to perform this work? An acre is a bit over 43k square feet. Do the math using the information on the bag of fertilzer to determin amounts to use. Every state AG dept. has recommendation on amounts of nitrogen to use per year. Pre-M and other weed controls are also regulated and you may need to be licsenced. Check w/ lawn fertilization Co.'s that only perform fert/weed control services like Trugreen, Scotts, Barefoot, ect. and maybe you can sub this particular service out. When I was w/ Scotts Lawn Svc, we did a lot for LCO's in our area. They were more then happy to sub this out due to guarantees we offered like on weed control-- free retreats if control was poor. Storing the products are also problematic. Check w/Lesco if they are in your area. Very good source for this type of info. Also, check your local Ag extension for more info. Good Luck!
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    $40/acre is way too cheap for me. of course your mileage will vary. Most people have found it more profitable to mow smaller properties. ie, $30 for a 1/2 acre. you'll be in and out in 25-35 minutes and you'll be on your way to the next job. or $40/acre and you'll be there for solid .75-1.25hrs/acre and you'll make $380 over the whole day.

    if you don't have the work, do the big property, if you do have the work, pass it by.

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