New member seeking honest input on the john deee z910

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 485DEERE, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. luxurylawnsbyJB

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    It was a new unit fresh from the crate... the mesh of the starter and the flywheel was off and the person(s) who assembled it at the factory tightened it down, i guess thats where it got cracked.

    as an update, I ended up getting a different machine, still a 910 though... I mowed 7 lawns with it last night and have an oppinion on the machine. It is much better than the 10yr old Exmark LazerZ hp that it is replacing.... I don't have a mulch kit on it yet, but in 2ft tall wet bahia, it mowed it down at 4in without bogging it down. I do believe a little more power would be nice,(power is always nice)
  2. luxurylawnsbyJB

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    The LazerZ HP has a 23hp Kohler and it puffs smoke after sitting for a couple days, but then its fine the rest of the week, but it is burning some oil, about half a quart every 50hrs. That engine has over 1600hrs on it.
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    The Kohler on my 720 used a quart in the time from when I did the initial break-in oil change at 8 hours up to 45 when they took it in and replaced it. That's a quart in 37 hours. It smoked like mad every single time I started it, sometimes so bad you couldn't see anything in the shop for several minutes. The Kawi I have now hasn't used any at all, and I hope it stays that way. All my other Kaw's have been good about it too.

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