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I've been running a small part time lawn care buisness for four years now. I'm just getting into spraying. I have an 55 gal AgSpray with 12' boom that fits on my New Holland TC45DA. The yards I will be treating ranges from 4 acres to small buisness lots (+-7,000 sq ft). What is a good all around herbicide to use? I've had people mention Atrazine several times. But after reading through this site and seeing your input, I would love to hear some of your suggestions.


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Central Illinois
Not familiar with your weed pressure in the south. Here in the midwest I would recommend you start with a post product like three-way or Trimec. Be careful of wind drift. I would leave the atrazine alone. It has some bad press in the past with well water issues and can stay in the ground a long time. It does work great in tank mixes, but be careful.