New member with new Scag TT2 61" 37hp EFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by -GR-, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. -GR-

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    I recently purchased a Scag Turf Tiger 2 with the 61" V+ deck and Vanguard 37hp EFI. This is the first EFI engine I have had on a mower. The dealer dropped it off this morning and the only time I have had with it so far is just moving it from the spot they dropped it off to 30' to the garage.

    The one thing I noticed is that the throttle is either idle or full throttle. It didn't seem to half any corresponding throttle positions through the range of the lever. Just curious if this is normal?

    I bought it mainly to mow our property but will be looking to mow part time with some residential and a couple commercial properties as a solo operator.

  2. Evolution IX

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    So pretty all nice and clean. Good choice.
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  3. Traveling Man

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    Last year I bought the same mower with the 35HP Vanguard motor and I wish I chose the 37 EFI instead for the simplicity of the cold start. My motor has an adjustable throttle, are you saying you only have two positions?
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  4. Traveling Man

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    Oh and by the way, you have one awesome machine there!
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  5. -GR-

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    Yes basically full throttle or idle. It has a regular throttle lever with full travel but it doesn’t matter what position it is in it is at idle all the way through the full lever position until you get to the full throttle position and then it is full throttle.
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  6. weeze

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    my kohler efi is similar. there's really no difference in throttle from idle to about halfway up. it's almost like it has 3 settings: idle, half throttle, and full throttle. there is a little difference when going from half throttle up to full throttle. just a little bit. it's not the same as a carb engine where the throttle changes every little bit you move the lever all the way from idle to full.
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  7. Harley08

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    Congrats on the new ride! 37 EFI is a beast!
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  8. -GR-

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    Thanks Weeze. I wish mine would at least have 1/2 throttle to engage the PTO at a little lower RPM to help prolong clutch life. Right now I only have idle or full throttle. The whole range of the lever remains idle until the last half inch then it goes to full throttle. It's tough for me to get by the dealer while they are open due to their hours and the hours I work.
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  9. williams lcm

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    My ferris 3200 z with the 37 efi vanguard you need to engage at full throttle.
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  10. Business Guy

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    I didn't notice the throttle on my 27hp EFI Kohler z945m being different than a carbed motor.
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