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First, let me introduce myself. Name's Jeff, just bought a 1976 454 Suburban, Silverado, dual air, 2WD, 90K original miles from the original owner. This thing is cherry. I've been looking for a nice older Chevy truck, blazer, or suburban off and on for several years, this is one of the best preserved trucks I've seen.
OK, on to the question. How do I know if I've got a tall-block truck engine? I am looking for a set of headers and Dynomax says theirs won't fit the tall block. I haven't scraped the oil off the stamp-pad to see which engine suffix I have, but will probably do that this evening while installing the new spark plug wires and changing the oil.
What headers do you guys recommend for a mild 454?
Any other Suburban guys on the list?


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congrats on coming on the board. and big thumbs up on finding such a fine truck. I have a 84 GMC that has had alot of stuff done to it. the headers for the 454 will sure help it. but dont make the mistake I did and let the muff shop
install a set of their turbo muffs. my truck had cats on it and they replaced that too. I had just installed a GM crate
motor and it didnot run like I wanted it too. I finaly went to another shop. had them install a hooker maxiflo muff
( from summit). that helped some. I then orded a hi flo
cat ( summit) and that really brouht it alive. later I ditched the air filter ( a 6" open purolater) and orded a
4" k&N. when I installed it,believ it that mabe a big difference.so you see you need to try to spend your money wisely.good luck