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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Greenbrier, Nov 8, 2005.

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    I found this site just recently. I am planning to expand my business this year and thought I would try to find a forum, so here I am.

    I have been doing commercial lawn maintenace for three years now. I work for a family owned business (Healthcare providers) and now I am ready to brake out on my own. I have three major contracts awaiting my expantion.

    I will be posting notes to gather lots of information in the comming weeks and months. Some of the information I am intested in would be; contratcts, are there any generic ones out there I can use? Irrigation sytems, are there companies out there for suppliers that have a good customer service base to help me get started? What size mower deck to upgrade too. I have a 54"......what about a 60" or 72". Is one too big? Or is bigger always better.

    I'm sure I will have many more questions, I would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

    Looking forward to discussions with you.


  2. Cooper725

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    coop huh, let me guess your last name is cooper too?
  3. Greenbrier

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    Actually thats my middle name that I go by. My Great Grand Ma was a Cooper.

    I bought the book on getting started in Lawn service, and have read a few notes on Mower size. I'm still up in the air about that one. I'm thinking if I already have a 54" general purpose mower, why not go jumbo? I have a few properties that are nothing but giant fields. It would be nice to knock those out in no time at all. I may have to get a couple of them. Get the Small 32" walk behind to. My 54" just barely gets in the gates I have to do, but there are a few also that it wont fit in and I have to weed eat the whole thing. Takes up too much time and effort. Oh, boy, here we go, I can see the dollar bills floating out of my wallet now :dizzy:

    I guess I'll post under the Irrigation next and see what I can find.


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    "I can see the dollar bills floating out of my wallet now "

    Got that right,
    Try to keep your mower working each day. My 44"s and 48"s are my most productive units.
    If you get a 72" mower can you work it 5 days or can you only use it one or 2 days. The largest deck we have is a 60" and I don't see getting anything bigger as the areas around us would not allow good use of that deck.
    Use the search button up top and you will never need to buy another book.
    Welcome to the site.
  5. daveintoledo

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    and figure out who the really succesful people are here , and who is not, and listen to them... good luck
  6. Greenbrier

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    Interesting. For now, I fortell only using it on about two days. But that could change as the business grows. I am targeting rural apartment complexes and large Corporate (rural) Industrial buildings. Places that woulds have at least three or more acres of green. I have 2 areas now that are 10-14 acres each of just grass. Like I say, I am in more of a rural setting, not suburban or city. so most places I cut will have at least some acreage. Every trailer I see has two 48/54" mowers on them though. Tuff call. I guess I could always trade out if I don't like the 60/72 back to a 54" Decisions, decisions :help:



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