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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by capybara, May 7, 2007.

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    Hello, my name is Benjamin, I started a landscape business about 4 years ago with a partner. We started with my 2001 Ford Ranger, 4 shovels, two rakes, a 22" Poulan chainsaw, and a wheel barrow. I wanted to get better jobs and be a professional and legitimate business so I studied for and passed my C27 test (California Landscape Contractor). I almost feel the very thing I got to attract customers is scaring them away. It's like they think I am not interested in smaller jobs or something (I AM!). Before I obtained my license I did some retaining walls, a pagoda, a few stone pathways, fences, gates, irrigation systems, and some sod lawns. Lately I have been doing sod lawns and I do enjoy the end of the day satisfaction of having an instant perfect green turf. I recently invested in tree climbing spikes, rope, and a harness. My partner enjoys felling trees and the equipment has almost paid for itself on the first job. Anyway, i just wanted to introduce myself and say "hello". Thank you

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