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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Richie@, May 1, 2011.

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    Hello folks,

    I am new to this forum an happy to be amongst professional Tradesmen/Women.

    I have been in the electrical contracting business for quite some time and have done many lighting jobs Incorporated with electrical construction , unfortunately I don't have pics or have lost what I did have.

    In the early 90's I decided to stay small go more for specialty work , Gunnite pools - Spas - Fountains ETC , and was doing very little LV lighting until the last 10 years.

    I never dreamed that you would see a residential In ground pool costing from 100k up to 500k and the lighting that goes along with a job like that , it's really crazy.

    Listed below is an In Ground pool we hope to have done by Tuesday this week.

    Construction cost for this pool Including - Electrical - Gas , is close to 300k from what I heard . Electrical was 1/2 that , no just joking LOL.

    Pool has two fire bowls remote controlled - 12 function control on upper copping stone - 5 120v Pool fixtures - 3 12V Savie note LED fixtures - Fiber Optic by Fiber stars.

    Pump room

    125 amp electrical sub service - 6 motors largest is 5 HP - 2 gas heaters - 2 salt systems - 2 Easy Touch control panels Master & Slave unit with dual remote control.

    There was somewhere around 30 LV lighting fixtures on the rear of the property but all that was removed , we hope to get the new Install when the landscaping starts.

    If the owner will allow Photos I will try to get those posted if it's OK.

    Job I looked at Saturday is an 85 12v fixture Install - 5 Transformers - in 3 phases , up Lighting - Tree Lighting - Wall Lighting - Pathway Lighting - owner supplying everything but Labor - Cable - Trenching.

    There is a dead line on this project that seems unrealistic for what has to be done and I am still working on that but scratching my head.

    Anyhow that's a little about myself and I would like to say to each of you I am very Impressed with the Professional Talent in this forum that I have read about and the pics I've seen of some of your projects.

    Chat soon

  2. RLI Electric

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    Welcome aboard Richie. Where are you from? Hopefully your customer chooses something other than this. Pool has to be close to 500K, we do have real lights in a stone wall, but they didn't want to spring for real pathlights. This was horrible to come back and see.

  3. RLI Electric

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    Sorry it is sideways. I fell to the ground in a laughing and vomiting fit and took the picture (apparently):laugh:
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    Welcome Richie! Looking forward to those pictures.
  5. Richie@

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    They should have this pool plastered an filled with water by Thursday I believe and I will get some pics of the Pool an other features.

    Question , what make and type fixture do most of you use for Residential upper level Lighting , just curious.


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