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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Hubbardmt, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Hubbardmt

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    I just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I am out of Pittsboro, North Carolina. I have been doing lawn care in my area since 2008. I look forward to meeting some of y'all and networking. If you are in my area make sure you say hello. Feel free to check out my website and critique it.

    Matthew H.
  2. wegomow

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    Hi Matthew and welcome to lawnsite. Nice website, well done, I would suggest posting several more testimonials. On your lawn tips, the grasscycling post, maybe mention mulching and mulching blades. Wouldn't want people letting their grass get to 5 inches high then mow it down to 3 inches while side discharging then getting steamed at you. Got to explain it so a third grader can understand.
  3. Hubbardmt

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    @wegomow - I appreciate the website critique. I will re-work the lawn tips section, I always thought that even if I cannot take care of someone's yard, I want to equip them with the basic knowledge.

    Question for you.

    What is the best form of advertising you have found for your area. I shy away from newspapers because people really do not read the newspaper anymore. I am going to try door hangers this year. I will try direct mail maybe next year if the budget allows. What are your thoughts?
  4. wegomow

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    For me WOM (word of mouth), stuffing flyers into newspaper boxes and I advertise in the small community papers. Lots of retirees here and they read the papers and WOM spreads like crazy. I do good work, dress and speak politely and do those little extra's at no charge. I always ask them to refer me and offer them an incentive to do so.
  5. dllawson

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    Welcome to the site. You have a very nice website. I really like the "About Matt" section. That is a great idea. Your education and certifications will do a good job of setting you apart from your competition.

    I second wegomow on the word of mouth and referrals. Door hangers are also a good idea for the neighborhoods you are targeting. I also just had an idea for something a little more personal. Create a nice flier and include a testimonial from someone in the neighborhood. You can use the same flier and paste a different testimonial for each neighborhood. You could even create 3 fliers that target specific issues of spring and you will have a new one to drop off every 6 weeks for a few months.

    Good Luck

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