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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by mikemac, Jul 12, 2002.

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    Thanks to all for the info here, as a homeowner I've picked up a metro36 w/ mulch kit

    The settings are Axle - D, casters - 2 and spindle - 2 ( I think) and I think that is factory stock.

    What are the "stock" settings when the mulch kit is installed, what is the impact of adjusting just the casters


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    What you have is where we ship them from the factory. I really wouldn't pay much attention to the factory setting however. Instead I would review the cutting height adjustment chart in the operators manual. There are a few things to remember when mulching. First and most important is to have at least 2 spacers below the spindle. 3 Spacers is even better because you've got to have a large air cavity above the blades to allow the air/clippings to circulate. The more spaces below the spindle, the lower the blade sits in the deck. If you go to 4 spacers however you can get some excessive blow out in dry or dusty conditions. The next thing to remember is deck rake. Your really want between 1/4" and 0" rake with 1/8" being the best all around. When mulching however 0 rake works pretty good. The rake is the angle the blades sit from front to back. The front cutting edge should always be level or below the back cutting edge when the blades are pointed straight forward or straight back.

    To set the rake you'll want to adjust the front caster spacers. The 36" is not nearly as sensitive to deck rake as many of the larger decks so as long as youÂ’re not at the extreme high setting or extreme low setting your going to be alright. You will find that a given lawn may like a slightly steeper or flatter rake. I would start with an even split on the front caster spacers and then begin lowering to get the best cut on your lawn.

    The next thing to remember when mulching is that a mulch deck always performs better the lower you cut. That does not mean you should cut at 1" but you will find that the difference in quality of cut above 3" can be rather dramatic.

    On my 32" Metro I always ran the rear axle in the C position and never cut above 2 3/4 but spent most of the year at 2 1/2 or lower, usually around 2 3/8".

    You can mulch at higher settings and lower settings but for me on my bluegrass/fescue lawn this left the lawn looking the way I liked it and more importantly it kept it looking better than the neighbors.

    Let me know if you have any further questions. You can post here, or e-mail me at or call me at 800-667-5296.


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    sounds like I need to adjust the two most difficult areas...thespindle spacers and the axle. Should there be any belt adjustments necessary on a new (3 -4 hours ) machine when adjusting the axle? or should I attempt the spindle spacers first?
    also, I think my casters have 2 x 1/2, and the 1/4 is above. If I go to 1 x 1/2 or 1x 1 2/ & 1/4, am I putting in more rake (stteper angle?

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