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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by P.Services, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. GWhunter

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    I'm pretty sure minimax has had the quicktach plates fabbed for his 35d. So it shouldn' be an issue at all. P hold did the 2500 an dmax handle that load? Any pics of the truck all hooked up to the new toy?

  2. P.Services

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    The 2500hd pulled it no problem, the engine brake was very very nice coming down the rockies. When I drove I got around 12-13mpg and the other guy got no more then 5mpg. He drove like a ass hole till I had to explain what's making the difference.

    I don't have any pictures of it hooked up but I may get some today, I have to go move some cut down trees with it.
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  3. zabmasonry

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    NOPE - The weight of the machine is creating a down force. a very small amount of down force is created by the slight change in elevation of the chains, but the vast majority is weight of the machine, otherwise the machine would be floating in mid air.

    The chains force is in the forward/back and side to side directions. The more forward attachment points mean that the chains have a greater ability to resist movement in the f/b direction, and less ability to resist movement s/s.

    BTW I think that excavators look just plain silly when put on a trailer facing forward.
  4. bobcat_ron

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    Find a piece of thick walled steel pipe and cut out what you need, stretch the pipe with a bottle jack and weld the side plates on and cutting edge and top plate, a buddy of mine does that with his mini's, saves thousands of dollars in buckets.
  5. P.Services

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    Your buddy is a effeing hack then.
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  6. Junior M

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    I know that the excavator creates a downforce, I am not a complete idiot. I meant the chains. :hammerhead:

    And just a question. Whats it matter what it looks like, loaded? Loaded backwards is a bad idea on a tag trailer..
  7. flairland

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    Very nice machine, I love 50D's. I operated one for the guy I used to work for, and loved it. Very smooth, quick machines. How good of a deal did you get to drive that far? Where did you pick it up?
  8. Scag48

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    It doesn't matter for minis. If it fits either way, chain it down and go, makes no difference. Loading backwards is not a bad idea
  9. Junior M

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    go ahead and throw it on there backwards and pull it with the nose of the truck in the air.. Thats why I said on a TAG trailer..
  10. P.Services

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    Yeah junior is right, you couldn't get that machine on the trailer backwards. It would make for waaaaaaay to much tongue weight.

    I saved over 30k from what the local dealers wanted. Worth the drive if you asked me. This is after we had to argue about the purchase because I live in a "protected territory" so the dealer in idaho didn't want to sell it to me. I was going to buy a cat repo machine but I feel much better with this deal, I got a brandnew machine just the way I wanted it. I'm paying zero percent interest and cat financial didn't get to bone another customer while simultaneous trashing the market and excavating business. The topic of cat financial will be saved for a new thread though.
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