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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by nmurph, Jun 6, 2005.

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    I’m in “The Family“!!!!!!!!! I took delivery of a mini-fasttrak 17/42 Friday evening. I could not be happier. I just wish my grass would grow faster. It is unreal how well this mower works. My dad has a Dixon 16/42, which I thought was a nice mower until I took mine to his house for a little “heads-up match cut.” There is no comparison. It has higher ground speed, faster blade speed, heavier deck(welded vs. stamped), better warranty, larger motor(17 vs. 14.5-Kohler vs. B&S), for less $$$$. I looked at Husqvarna (they do make a nice chainsaw) and Cub Cadet and was close to purchasing one of these from a “big box” store, if you know what I mean. I also looked at Snapper, Toro, Lawnboy, Ariens, Gravely, Dixon, and Country Clipper. Nothing comes close for the $$$$$$$$$. The Lawnsite forum really helped change my mind. It is a great resource, which I will be using in the future. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the wealth of knowledge that exist here. Now, if I can only keep my wife off of it so that I get to mow. If you are considering a ztr, look no further. I spent 2 weeks and many hours reading, visiting, testing and comparing. Save yourself the time. Go buy a Hustler and you will understand this forum's unbridled enthusiam for this great product!!!
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    Who is having the reunion this year? I could go for a nice family reunion / picnic!
    You will love your mower more as you get to mow more with it.

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    I purchased my Mini 16/36 last year. Didn't really need the wider deck but I am partial to the Honda engine since I have 6 other tools including a motorcycle with Honda engines. It mows better than I thought it would originally. I really enjoy mowing with it. I purchased a side bagger kit with it that works really well. No complaints at all. Lots of Sears, Cub Cadets and Simplicity tractors in the neighborhood. Mine is first ZT. I bought a small roller to pull with the mini from Home Depot this year, but have not used it much yet. Hopefully you will be very happy with your mower.

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