New Mini Skid

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by rclawn, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. marne

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    Vermeer uses proprietary parts, which are brainless overprized and already too much computers in machines, that are stupid simple or which at least should be.
    I would go with the most basic machine.
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  2. brichter14

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    One clear winner is ditch witch track design. Being open rocks just roll out instead of getting stuck or crushed up
  3. OP

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    1C3088D6-5E2D-4F63-BEA5-A9A225BA9B67.jpeg D4494C12-D68E-4708-B204-AF2C9DD0F6AE.jpeg Got the Dingo TX1000. Sale after tax was $32,2xx and it came with heavy duty pallet forks and a tooth bucket. I put up $20k cash and financed the rest through sheffield @ 0% for 24... I need to build my credit anyways, and it was hard to turn down the finance offer. They did charge a 2% admin fee which was around $250
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  4. brichter14

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    Nice!!! Now go make some money!

    Ps. Buy the eterra e40 as soon as you can afford it. Its the best attachment. Dig trenches, tear out stuff etc
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  5. jrmikka

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    The ditch witch dealer in Mass is bad here also.

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