New Model...Ecolawn Applicator 200 coming soon!!!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Rick13, Sep 20, 2012.

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    I started thinking that maybe I should miss the GIE Expo and just buy the Ecolawn Applicator 100. Driving down to Kentucky, gas, motel, food, missing a day or two of work. I thought I would be money ahead and in the long run, I felt that the Ecolawn Applicator 100 was the way to go (at least for my needs).

    So I called Kevin from Ecolawn and started asking a few questions on where I could pick up one, since I thought I would go ahead a purchase one now.

    I told Kevin that the website is showing 2011 model, and asked him if there was any major or minor changes for the 2012 model. He then told me that they were working on a bigger, dual broadcasting disks, a larger hopper, that handles heavier materials (like wet sand), and it's called the Ecolawn Applicator 200! With the dual broadcasting disks, one would rotate right and the other wheel would rotate left....give you an more even and better spread. Their current 100 model only has one broadcasting disk which throws towards the right, and he said that the left side doesn't get a much material to make it even to the right.

    I thought to myself, Wow! Kevin then said that he wasn't sure, but it would cost a little more for the 200 model compared to the 100 model. And was hoping to have a few ready in a couple of weeks!

    Next he asked me what I was doing this weekend and if I would want to demo their new machine. I told him I already had scheduled work, and he said he would be gone until next week (going out West) but he would return the following Saturday.

    So we decided to meet on October 1st (Monday) at 10 am at My House so I can try their New Ecolawn 200 model!!! He told me to get a few yards lined up and see what their new machine can do. Not a it will be nice to see how it handles Our Northern Illinois!!!

    Well I hope he will let me take a few pictures, and sorry if I wasn't supposed to let the cat out of the bag, Ecolawn....but I'm happy that you've got a new machine, because you've just sold one here!!!

    Can't wait until October 1st!!!
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    Keep us posted. I've considered adding topdressing to my list of services and this maching looks pretty solid.
  3. Rick13

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    I will, and I hope that Ecolawn will let me take a few pictures so I will be able to add them to my new website and This way I will be able to show a future service I will be offering either late Fall or early Spring.

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