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Hello Everyone,

We are heading into the busy season here at once again. Megan, Jodi, Rick, a few volunteer moderators and myself have been working hard to try and keep the way it should be - professional and organized.

I would like to introduce a new Moderator to the site. He has chosen the user name "Moderator" so there will be no questions as to who this person is.

The moderator will refrain from posting in the forums, and only act as a moderator of the site. The only time the moderator will post is to get things back on topic or to remind members of the rules.

Moderator is a long time veteran of this industry, as well as a long time veteran of internet forum boards. I have discussed at length the direction in which I want the site to go with this new moderator. I have given specific instructions for Moderator to enforce the rules - no matter who breaks the rules.

Moderator will be spending a lot of time on the site making sure that the rules are followed, posts are made in the proper forums, etc...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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