New motor or not?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AboveTheCut, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. AboveTheCut

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    I was hoping to make it until the end of the season with my 36" Exmark Metro. It has alot of hours on it and I think the motor is on its last leg (losing power, running like crap, smoking, etc.) I am wondering if I should put a new Kawasaki on it or just buy another mower. Nothing else that I know of is wrong with the rest of the machine. I got it used a few years ago so i don't know its maintainence schedule. It has been used very little by me until this year when I traded my new scag wb in and bought a Lazer Z. Now I have been using it on a lot of hills, etc. Just my luck. I need opinions please.
  2. arborist-28

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    I'd have to weigh the decisions of the price of a new one against just having an engine replaced..but once the engine is replaced the other parts wil begin to break or need replaced as well .. so without really knowing how much you to put into it I would lean towards a new one ...c
  3. Roger

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    You didn't say, but I assume the existing one (failing quick...) is a Kaw. Just buy a replacement (e.g. Power Equipment Warehouse, Small Engine Warehouse, or ....) and repower. If the rest of the mower has problems, then it may not be good money spent, but if the rest of the machine is good, then why not? Putting on a new engine is not difficult.

    I have repowered my Exmark Viking, 15hp Kohler. The first engine had about 3,000 hours, and the present one is nearing that mark. I too am hoping to make it to the end of the season. The engine is showing no sign of failire, but the first one went downhill fast after first symptoms. The rest of the mower is still good -- yes, replaced spindle bearings, but that is about it.
  4. AboveTheCut

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    I would like to buy a new or slightly used 36 or 48 hydro but can not do this until next season. If I do put the money into a new motor I will keep this machine for a backup. This was my backup until this year. I think the rest of the machine is in pretty good shape. It could use new belts but I think thats about it.....hopefully
  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    If it is a belt drive, a tranny is about 200 bux, not sure about spindles or the clutch for the blades, that is about all there is to go wrong. If the deck is in good shape then I would go with a new engine. And that is a good idea to keep the machine for a back up. In this buisness if you can afford back up equipment its worth it. Nothing worse then having grass to mow and nothing to mow with when 1 machine is down. When its wet and growing grass waits for no man lol
  6. Brianslawn

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    if you know how to rebuild the engine you can do that this winter. rebuild kits are usually around $200. i got 2 extra rebuilt kohlers to drop in the mowers in case of emergency. then old motors will get sat to the side and rebuilt this winter and be spares next year.
  7. clydesdale

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    I repowered my 15 year old scag last year with a twin 17hp kawi. This was quite a step up from the 12 hp that came with this 52 inch mower. As long as everything else it good, like someone said, there isnt much to go wrong.

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