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I have access to the real estate mls website in my area and therefore have a list of all the recently purchased homes (which was bigger than I thought) and was wondering if anybody has used something like this as a marketing strategy. I figure most of the new owners might not have a lawn care provider yet and wanted to directly market to them. Let me know what you think about this if its worth it or should I just stick to hitting everyone up. If anyone has any experience with it let me know. Thanks

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Well I think it is a good idea. Since you have access to the site that can give you the info for free (I am assumeing it is free) I would do it. I would target the higher end homes. Most people moving into the smaller or less expensive homes are mainly going to be straped for cash i would assume with that kinda of invest ment. the larger more expensive homes may be the same way but it is a good way to get into a market area that you want. I would try it out on a limetted basis and then go for it. You might also try doing a search on this topic I have seen a few other posts related to this sort of thing. They might have better info being as they have tryed this type of advertising before.

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Hi athep,

That is a great idea. If you can reach the new home owners first, that should give you an advantage.

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