New Mower---already A Leak!!!!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Ptunia, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Ptunia

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    We just bought a new Cub Cadet M60 Wide Track. It has 4.5 hrs on it (it had 1.5 when we picked it up)! My husband started a job yesterday and noticed oil. He looked further and saw that the oil was all over the deck and clutch. We are going to drop it back off to the dealer this morning. Anyone else have these problems? Is this a lemon or a fluke?
    Paying almost 10k for a piece of eq and the first time you try to use it this happens, really makes me mad! :angry:
  2. riches139

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    Did he check the oil level on the dipstick?
    If so, did he retighten it?

    Left mine loose once, same thing. :realmad:

    Could be a major problem, but I doubt it on a new motor.
  3. Ptunia

    Ptunia LawnSite Member
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    Dropped off the m60 at 8 and it was fixed by 12! :D
    The dealer said it was a bad seal on the "sump pump". He said he changed the seal and put in an extra one to prevent the problem from happening again.
    Hopefully it was just a fluke! :p
  4. sawman65

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    what kind of engine is it i have never heard of puting two seals on the crankshaft.he may be feeding you a line of bullcrap.
  5. TPnTX

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    extra gasket? Man that don't sound right. Why not use 3...or 4?
  6. TFSTech66

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    What kind of engine was on it? Kawasakis are known for oil leaks. :)
  7. RedWolf

    RedWolf Banned
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    That guy at that shop was feeding you a line of sh**.I have rebuilt briggs,honda, onan,Kohler, and BKN AEN THH and VH4D wisconsin motors and all only use one crank seal.I would love to see how he put two seals on the crankside of that motor.
  8. steve45

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    I've seen double seals on several applications. It is pretty standard on JetSki pumps to keep water out.

    A seal will wear a groove in a steel shaft. Some equipment has a long recess and long polished area on the shaft to allow you to re-install a seal in a slightly different place, thus allowing you to get more life from a shaft.

    The problem with a double seal arrangement is that the seal actually needs a small amount of oil to keep it (or the shaft) from wearing out. If you install double seals, you may not get enough lubrication to the outer seal, causing it to wear prematurely. When the inner seal goes out, the outer seal won't do any good. A double lip seal is a better choice.

    In any case, it's unfortunate that the seal leaked, but sometimes it happens. It was the biggest warranty item that we had at a company I used to work for. I remember one hydraulic control unit that we overhauled for a critical piece of plant equipment. It was test run on the bench continuously for three days--no leaks. Two days after the customer installed it, it leaked... It cost our customer about a quarter of a million dollars to shut the plant down and replace the $5 seal, and we lost the account. As long as there isn't a scratch on the shaft, the seal should last a long time.
  9. xcopterdoc

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    Shaft seal leakage is due to 3 things..worn out seal, groove in shaft and alignment. You have to have the pump aligned to the motor if you want the seals in both to remain intact.
    What that guy told you is that you have fluid between the the pump and the drive... not normal! All he did was put 2 gaskets in there so it wouldnt leak on the ground. Become informed, get smart, and dont put up with shady dealer BS!

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