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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by lazer 46, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. lazer 46

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    The left drive wheel on my new TTHP has a noticible wobble to it. It has been like this since I bought it a few weeks ago. I used it 15 hours and now the season has ended. I took it back to my Exmark dealer today and showed him how the left wheel wobbles. The lugnuts are tight, and everything is on straight. We both agree the tire is out of round. I figured there is no problem. Order me a new tire and I'll be good to go for next season. Dealer said that they would have to check with Exmark as the tire may not be covered under warranty. They will let me know in a week or so. I think you can tell me faster than that. This is a geat dealer who has bent over backwards for me when ever I've had a problem with anything. But I believe this is a no brainer. Bad new tire should be replaced. What do you think?
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    just noticed this post is a few days old now, anyone have an answer about his tire?
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    If the wheel or tire was damaged, defective etc. when you purchased the mower we'll do the right thing. There would need to be some fairly obvious signs of abuse or misuse to kick this one out.

    Let me know if there's a problem at the dealership.


  4. lazer 46

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    Dealer ordered new tire today. Thank you.

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