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this is reprint from another thread I thought I would bring back up.

Originally posted by MacLawnCo

have you demoed yet? I'm in the same boat as you, but i need to redemo the swb before biting the bullet

NO I haven't gotten a true demo yet. I did drive a 17hp 48" around the dealers lot for about 20 minutes last march but didn't cut any grass with it. I liked the way the machine handled and think It would become second nature in short time. The dealers seems reluctant to get a true demo on grass without some what of a commitment from me.

Which brings me to the phone call I had tonight with him.
He is getting in a 48" Super WB for me to try and buy. Basically I had to say "unless there is something I really don't like I will buy it" I did say I couldn't make a final commitment before mowing with it just like I wouldn't buy a car without driving it on the road. If this mower is all I have heard it is I should be in heaven. If it can cut as good with single blades as my lesco does with doubles I will be very happy.
bottom line is 48" SWB ([email protected]$6295) + bullrider sulky + 6.2cu accelerator catcher = $6395
I think its a good deal. I told him to get a couple more sets of blade and might try to get him to put those in the deal.
This is the most money I have spent on anything in a long time. but I have to keep reminding myself that it is going to help build my business. I hope to increase my productivity by a quarter to a third and reduce my fatigue and stress at the same time.

It is going to be a couple weeks before it comes in . I will keep you posted.

Thank you to pete for all your helpful input about hustler and mowers in general. and thank you to this forum and hustler for the same.


Paul Arens
Monroe, NE

I'm starting to get anxious. Almost looking forward to fall cleanups, and cleanup after power raking. The only thing missing will be an OCDC, but I have some ideas for that over the winter.
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