New Mower Needed: Scag Cheetah or Hustler X-ONE?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JTLarson, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. JTLarson

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    I am in need of a new mower. I have owned several brands over the years and have been treated very well by each dealership for each brand. I have had Exmarks, a Scag walk behind, and several Hustler Super Z's. I injured my back 2 years ago mowing rough terrain on a bucking John Deere 997. Therefore, I have narrowed it down to possibly a Scag Cheetah or Hustler X-One. I will be getting a 60" cut. I have chosen the Cheetah because of the cut and the suspended riding platform (bad back). My last mowers were Hustlers so I have a great relationship with the dealership and hate to pull away, and they have the new deck (which I have read is comparable to the Scags). I have also read about and looked at Standers because of my back, but I stand at my factory job all day and don't know if I would want to stand mowing also. Any opinions or insight would be appreciated.
  2. castlerockmo

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    Boy they both look like great machines. The cheetah reminds me of the Husqvarna pz (I have and love) they took a lot of the same concepts the pz has. So if you have a bad back and that cheetah is close to the Pz I would go with it. My pz (dixon-actually) rides like your on clouds. But that X-one looks really nice I think Hustler has a good one there.
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  3. djagusch

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    The Cheetah I spent close to 2 hrs on in the fall. It is the only suspension mower that does not have the suspension affect the deck. It felt really good and is adjustable rate of suspension.

    You have read the new Hustler deck is comparable to Scags. To me that is saying Scag was the best and I'm trying to keep up. So why not just buy the best in Hustlers opinion (meaning the Scag)?

    The X-one I'm sure will be a decent mower but flex forks affect cut too much.

    For the Stander while they are better than a w/b for suspension, it is not a Cheetah.

    If price is not a issue the Cheetah is the one to buy.
  4. djagusch

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    I'm pretty sure the Cheetah was built long before the PZ came to market. I heard 4 years ago about them working on a 2 spd mower. Scag just doesn't whip them out. They test, test, test and retest, then test again. The Hustler Super Z just moved the hydro cooler and made a mount in Oct or so. How long of testing do you think they have on that design? Not many.
  5. castlerockmo

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    I think husqvarna put 2 years of field testing alone in that machine. So it got a lot of study, and the husqvarna was out a year before the scagg. I will say I would put that mower up against any on the market!
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  6. djagusch

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    "I think" is a lot different than "I know". I know the 2 spd (cheetah) the rep was trying out at the factory over 4 yrs ago. I would take a Turf Tiger (a 1998 design still being compared to others top of the line) or Cheetah over a PZ any day just based on the yrs of experience Scag has over them in the mower market.
  7. kilgoja

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    which color do you like better? orange or yellow? one will do a great job i'm sure
  8. HenryB

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    Scag had a few disasters in the TurfRunner and the Couger. So I do think they test pretty well now. I'd still give the Cheetah a year to see how it is. Hustler with Flex Forks and suspention seat are a nice combo.
  9. Landscraper1

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    I can see why anyone would make comparisons between a Hustler and a Scag, but how did a Husqvarna even come close? Hustler and Scag are pioneers in the commercial mowing industry.

    Husqvarna was great for their chainsaws. They came into this industry by purchasing other companies. They don"t develope anything. Thier mowers are Yazoo/Kees transformed and painted orange. They have 2 cycle equipment, lawn tractors, snow blowers, and a bunch of other products from Bluebird. Scag and Hustler produce mowers period. And they are both great at it.

    To answer the original question, I am partial to Hustler. To me they, are the smoothest running mower out there. The suspension is important and so is the handling. I don't think anyone comes close to the smoothness of the X one controls. Either way you can't go wrong.
  10. Chevy z71

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    I like orange so i would go with the scag:laugh::usflag:

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