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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by tugglelandscaping86, Feb 6, 2014.

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    I'm looking for a new mower for the near future. I currently run a 2007 gravely 260 liquid cooled engine mower. I put a new motor in it and it currently has around 200 hours so not bad. I went to the Kubota dealership and fell in love with the near 60". This model does not have the bulky rear hood that looks gaudy. The model is Z725KH-60. I'm wanting to compare it to the others. The price tag was $8799 plus tax and through Kubota I could get 0% for 48 months. I want to compare with gravely and bad boy mower and possibly hustler and exmark. Not a fan of toro. I know Kubota has their own financing where as the others may go through yard card and have high interest even with perfect credit. Please give falls opinions and expertize. I'll try and post a pic. Thanks.
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    when determining a mower I look at initially the cost of the unit, then the cost of commonly replaced parts such as: spindles, pulleys, etc., lastly I look at how many dealers there are in my area that service/can get parts for each unit. The only issue I've found with companies such as bad boy is that where are the dealers? Around where I'm located there's only one whereas with exmark there are a bunch of dealers so parts pricing, and unit pricing is more competitive and can easier find a better deal. Not to mention when your main unit goes down on the job you need parts replaced now, you can't wait to order anything. A lot of lawn guys will tell you buy this brand or that brand but how I look at it is that these units are all commercial, they all work well, if they didn't they wouldn't have such a high price tag and wouldn't be used by so many professionals, you can determine their longevity, ease of use etc. on your own based on your own personal preferences
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    If you are going to keep the mower past the warranty, don't buy a Kubota. I say this from personal experience. I've had two out of warranty. Read some of my past post on them. Parts cost more than OEM Harley Davidson parts!!! Don't get me wrong, the diesel fuel consumption was awesome and the motor did fine, but as we all know there is much more to a mower than the engine. Every time I took a Kubota to the dealer for repairs it was ALWAYS over $1000. If you plan on keeping the mower for a long time check the cost of some replacement parts. Kubota has a lock on parts too. You can't get much for them in the aftermarket. I have two new BadBoys. The cost was great and I don't plan on keeping them past the warranty. If I were buying anything and planning on keeping it past the warranty, I would make sure there is a good aftermarket to buy parts so your not a prisoner to the dealer. Good luck and happy hunting.
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    I couldn't agree with this more. After years of being in business, I found a dealer that would give me service I've never seen. I thought BadBoy was junk that Tractor Supply sold (you know a glorified Cub Cadet). I was wrong. I went to the dealer cause of their reputation. I demoed a mower for a week before I bought one. I even buy Echo handheld equipment from them. I was raised on Shindaiwas and Stihl. I've never bought anything else. I get everything there because of the warranty work and the service. If they can't fix my mower on the spot, I get a loaner till they can. It's sad but a dealer can make or break us in this business.
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    Thanks guys I have decided to not do that kubota just bc of the aftermarket stuff. We have a gravely dealer, Kubota, Hustler, Bad boy, Grasshopper and World Lawn. I havent heard much about World Lawn King Cobra mowers but seem decent for the price. $7200 for a 60' and 27 kawasaki engine. There are so many decisions. I like gravely but their about $12500 for the 60' I want. Ill go check out the bad boys, the local school companies have gone to them and seem to like them. they have of course the 60-72'' for cutting the fields. Whats the price for the bad boys and what size deck and engine?
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    After eight months of intense research, question asking and deliberation on which brand to become a dealer of, I've decided on Hustler. They are so much simpler laid out of for maintenance, are built like a tank and the integrated brake set up is sweet. So...I'd recommend you look in to them. I also like that they have a wide range with steps up in money and specs, so you can find a perfect model. Other brands it always seemed to be $3000 to step up. Just my 2c....but the main thing is get some seat time on each to get a feel for it.
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    could you tell me what gravely you want that costs as much as a 2014 skidoo summit xm??
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    The BadBoy prices are posted on their website. I am checking into World Lawn myself. I have ordered a 48" walk behind. My current Badboy dealer is going to start selling World Lawn mowers due to Badboy not offering a walk behind. I realized these mowers are a little cheaper made but I'll be trading in at the end of the warranty. Best of luck on your continued search.
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    You guys need to know the worldlawn line is not cheaper made... It is questionable in aspects but not in construction.

    The company is dead copies of the 90's early 2000 toros.
    I know they rock . A friendly tip get a harbor freight suspension seat and the cobra rides as food as any
    And their new KING COBRA is awesome . I own a venom stander and some standard 36&42" walks and they are fine.
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    Sweet. Good to know. :rolleyes:

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