New mower or not?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cglawn, May 9, 2007.

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    We are in our second year of business. We have a old out front Gravely Pro master 300. Its has a 60" deck and supposed to do about 7 mph. We are looking at getting a Gravely 260xdz 60" does 13 mph or a Scag Wildcat 61" does 10 mph. We got more accounts than expected, would using one of these new mowers compared to our old one save us significant time. If so, which would be the better mower, we can get them both for the same price?
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    top speed isnt always meant to be used to cut, although we do at times. 10mph is fast, much more than your 7, so either 10 or 13 will both be better. id pick what you more happy with and not worry about the speeds. you might want to consider keeping the brand the same as your old mower to help make a one stop shop plan. unless your planning on buying a different brand from here on out. my advice, if you can afford one, go for it. two $50 lawns will average out to about $200/month for the year. that should be a mower payment. that is the way i look at it. id be willing to do that much more work for a new mower that is nice, efficent, and reliable. good luck.

    oh yeah, its always important to find a good dealer. id pick from their brands personally

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