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Sorry I'm new to the system.
Looking to buy a new Z-turn. It's between Exmark or Ferris. I own Exmark walk-behinds, and would buy the Exmark Rider in a second, but Ferris got me looking when I got some info and sat on one @ an expo this year. Any comments (+ or -) would be great.*:blob4:


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Exmark is the number 1 seller in the country and there must be a reason why Toro has them build them without the tanks and mower deck for Toro for a reason. (Yeah I know Toro owns Exmark).

I have tried Ferris and one of my customers owns both an Exmark and a Ferris. The exmark is older by 2 years over the Ferris and he never uses the Ferris much anymore. I personally don't see how you keep it from scalping.

Also, Exmark will guarantee to have any part you need the next day or it's free and the freight is free. Your local dealer can give you information on the parts plus system. If the dealer is Turf Star qualified, he must give you a loaner if you break down under warranty and they can't fix it within 24 hours. We go a little further and guarantee to have it fixed in 4 hours or you get a loaner to use until your unit is operational again.

In 7 years, we have never had to take longer than 4 hours and only had to repair 2 units under warranty.

By the way, the Toro ZTR units made by Exmark do not have a deck from Exmark and do not cut as well as the Exmarks. Toro also decided to have the 2 mower belts meet at a spindle instead of the seperate shaft Exmarks uses. This is apparently to save money and this does not do very well compared with the Exmark set up.

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