New mower pics, and a question.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Nikon Shooter, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Nikon Shooter

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    I have been looking at and doing some research on commercial ZTR's, and when all was said and done, I ended up going with the Dixon Grizzley with 50" deck and 23HP Kohler.

    The Dixon's don't seem to be the most popular ZTR on the market, but I know a few people who have had really good luck with the commercial models, the price was pretty good, their warranty is as good as anyone else's, and I have really good dealer support close to home, so I decided to go for it...

    The weather around here has been pretty uncooperative, but I did manage to mow my yard this past weekend, and snap a few pics of the new machine. I hope to get started mowing late this week, or possibly next week if the weather will allow.

    I was also wanting some opinions on a 21" trim mower.... I have finally decided to break down and get one, and have done a little searching on this forum, but all the information tends to be towards upper end commercial models... With the yards I currently have, and pretty much the yards in my area, the trim mower will be used very little, but I do see where it will be handy in some instances.

    I am not trying to be a tightwad, but I am not going to spend $500+ on a mower that will be used no more then a couple of hours each week... I just want a good push mower that can mulch, or be used to side discharge.

    I have looked at Craftsman's at Sears, and Husqvarna's and Toro's at Lowes... Just wanting opinions on which would be best.






  2. Nikon Shooter

    Nikon Shooter LawnSite Member
    from KY
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    Couple more pics...


  3. grass disaster

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    sorry but that just doesn't look like a commercial mower
  4. mowdini

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    I agree 100% with Grassmaster!!!
  5. Mowing Freak

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    The reason people spend so much on a push mower is they want something that will take a little abuse riding on a trailer and being used. Not something that will sit in a garage most of the time and will stand up to commercial use. Also handles and controls are made better so will be more comfortable to use and last longer. Also, good luck with your dixon. Should be a decent mower if your only going to mow your own yard. They will last a little but are just not a commercial mower.
  6. Lawn Dog2001

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    Congrats on the new mower Nikon. It looks like a nice machine. What gauge steel is the deck skirt? The mower looks well built, but the deck looks really skimpy to me. Just curious. At any rate, lots of luck with it. Go make some money. payup
  7. Lance L

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    nice mower, and for your question, the time you will save with a highend commercial mower will be worth the cost in the long run, and even the short run, they will be a considerable amount faster than a mower from lowes or sears, and last many years more, i have 2 of the 1000 dollar toro prolines and both have over 1000 hours on them i really doubt a 400 dollar mower will last that, and the 1000 hrs is with out any problems, just air filters plugs and fuel filters... if you buy a commercial mower you wont have anything to worry about, and will most likely wish you had gone commercial the first time around.
  8. rclay11541

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    Get rid of that machine man while you still can sell it. It will NOT hold up to commercial cutting. Unless your lawns are the size of postage stamps.

    Not trying to be a dick or anything but your not going to be happy with that thing in the long run, or possibly short.

    What size lawns are you mowin man?
  9. james mcdonald

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    Any feedback if you still like your dixon grizzley? I have been looking at those along with several other mowers in that price range. The deck lift on the one I tested appeared stiff. Was not sure if this varied unit by unit.
  10. jtkplc

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    I hope you have good success with that mower, but for me, I would stay far from Dixon, that just doesn't look very solid and durable. It's like an anemic ZTR!

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