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Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I have a decent amount of knowledge about zero turn mowers. I've used older Toro, and Badboy mowers. This will be my first zero turn purchase though. I've used those mowers on friends/family lawns.

I cut a little over an acre that has some small hills and plan to mowe for a neighboring church to help pay for my mower and posibble another yard or two at most. My budget is now more than 5-5500 dollars. I have a friend that discounted a 60" Hustler SD with the Kawaski engine from a big box store. The total being right about 500 off using my account. I have actually put the mower on my card and just haven't picked it up yet. I am having second thoughts though.

I want to make sure it will last a long time and will be headache free for several years. I stopped in a local dealer and looked at the 54" spartan and vaguely checked out the Scags they had. The spartan out the door was going to run roughly 5600 otd. I really like the look and features of the Spartan over the Hustler and I'm trying to justify the price.

Here are some pros that I noticed:

Nicer appearance
Sits higher
Comfortable seat
Deck adjusts easier
Guards are easy to remove for cleaning
Nicer tires
Possibly more?

Has anyone compared the Hustler vs the Spartan or are they an apples to apples comparison? I am mostly looking for feedback and opinions. Maybe someone can point things out that I missed. Also are there other mowers in my price range I should consider? Sorry for the long write! I would appreciate some advice.
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