New Mower Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by The_Outlaw, May 15, 2001.

  1. The_Outlaw

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    Hello Everyone,
    Just found this forum today, and it seems like a great place to learn (which really beats the way I was doing it before... trial and error)!

    I have been doing commercial, and residential lawncare part time for about the last 3 years. Started out with a Dixon 4423, but this year it seems the Dixon has started being a LOT less dependable. So, it's time for a new mower... I've been looking at Grasshoppers, and am on the verge of buying a 720 with 52" deck (I kinda like the out-front deck design). I'm supposed to finalize the deal next Saturday, but
    I thought, I'd ask you guys what your opinions are. I know that there will be a lot of different opinions, but that's what I'm looking for... sort of a pros and cons type discussion... Maybe I'll even end up changing my mind... who knows. Thanks in advance for your responses :)

  2. BRL

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    Welcome to Lawnsite! I'll give you the standard answer to your question which does come up from time to time. This site has a great Search feature which you can use to find tons of opinions already here about which mower to buy. Click on Search toward the top of your screen, under the banner ad. Try mower brand & Grasshopper & you will find plenty of threads discussing this. Good luck.
  3. 65hoss

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    I run exmarks. The cut is great and the factory support is unbelievable.

    My personnal list of mowers I would consider:
    Dixie Chopper
    Great Dane

    And in that order too.
  4. jasonp

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    Go demo and price all you can then go and demo and price the new kubota Zd18/54 inch or Zd21/60 inch cut.
  5. swn

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    I have 3 Grasshoppers and I love them. I do not feel like you could go wrong with one. The last one I bought was a 725K with a 61" deck. I can not say enough about it.
    But I do feel that if you can, you need to demo some of the other mowers that are available in your area. Dealer support should be the key to what you buy I believe. Probably the reason I like the grasshoppers so well is that my dealer is great.
    Good luck.

    ENZOFORZA LawnSite Member
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    how close is your Dealer is the first question I think. If you have a great mower its not going to be so great if it goes down and the nearest dealer is 2 hrs away. I am kinda new to this game and have been reading a lot on lawnsite. I wanted to replace my 48" scag with a ZTR. after reading many posts I went to my dealer and ordered a Exmark Laser HP 52" with the 23 hp kawasaki. I have read geat things about Exmark as well as Dixie Chopper and a few others. The thing that sealed the deal was that there is an exmark dealer 2 miles from my house and that the closest Dixie Chopper Dealer is over an hour ride. I am picking the mower up this Sat. Cant wait!!!!You are going to get many responses on what the best mowers are. Just like the age old Ford-Chevy people. You should do a search for "best ZTR" or "Best walkbehind" and get as muck feedback as you can. Then go and test a few out and establish a realationship with a reputable dealer. thats what i did anyway. Thanks to the great people at lawnsite!!!!!!!!!!

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