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    I am looking into a new mower this spring, i like the looks of the superduty 60 and would use it on my property and some of my commercial property's, i worked for my uncle up till last year i started at 15 and i am 25 now we used 251k's for all that time until last summer he bought a super z 66 that was demoed at the victory junction camp, I live near their any way after i got used to the bigger deck the super z 66 with flex forks was by far the best mower i have ever been on i go to kentucky and have demoed alot of mowers what i want to know is can you tell me if their are going to be any special pricing on this model since they are new and if i say that i am going to buy one from my local dealer can we work up a better price than 7,100 this will be my first full year mowing on my own and i nly want to put about 6-6.5 in one my e-mail is mr rep if you want my business get with me and lets work up a good deal on a 60" deck mower you might can find me a demo and i can get more mower for my money i know how good you guys are at pleasing your customers i dealt with hustler for years very reliable service.
    Beaver tooth saw shop Denton NC 27292
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    I am not a dealer nor can I dictate to a dealer what to sell for.
    You can e-mail me and I can get you in contact with a regional manager that can help you work with your local dealers and get you the best price and possibly a demo unit at a good price is there is one in the area.
    I am not aware of any special pricing coming out on the 60" Super Duty FasTrak's.
    You can view MSRP pricing and special promo's at the top of this Hustler forum.


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