New Mower?? Toro 27hp diesel vs not yet released toro diesel vs JD 997 [all zrt]

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tomo, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Hello,:waving: Considering new purchase ,please list your views on the above. Criteria high hp 4 wet season work & speed 4dry season wk.Mainly mulching 70% SD 30% 60 inch deck. All other requirements have been thought thru. THankyou tomo
  2. I personally think you're comparing opposite ends of the choices available when you compare Toro to JD.

    I was just looking at a Toro in Cincinnati this week. It had the 60" deck with the Kubota diesel. I'd like to have it. But I didn't really need it.
    It had the adjustable baffle for wet or mulching mowing.
    It said TORO COMMERCIAL on it. That's is a grade above the TORO PRO line.

    After 30 years of cutting grass I've gravitated to all Toro Commercial mowers. They're more expensive to buy but it pays off in the long run.

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    Just purchased and Toro Z-Master with a 27hp Kohler and 60in. deck. Did not purchase the bagger, will do so for fall leaves. All I can say is that it is a great mower, handles the hills well and cuts great. I put it to the test the second day I had it doing a mow job for a contractor who had a spec house on an acre and a half with weeds up to 18" high. It didn't even hesitate and I only went over it once. I wanted to purchase the diesel but the price was about 2000 more than what I purchased. They were running a special on the gas burners so I got it for 7800. It along with my Dixie 44" I can knock out some properties pretty quick. I don't know how service on Deere is in your kneck of the woods, but around here I can leave you wanting.
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    Dave, thankyou for your input. Toro/exmark xp 27 diahatsu is still sold in this country[exmark has deleted and replaced with gas chassis & kubota eng to stream line product range]. In this country the xp27 is regarded as domestic series,dissapoiting considering few home owners would purchase it!!!! Unusal toro marketing once again.Problem is,will this machine be obselete once new commercial Zrt becomes available apparently very good but UNPROVEN. Most contracters are reasonablly happy with the xp27{more hp would be nice [look into kubota 23/27 diahatsu only 5% difference remember HP is measured differently in some parts of the world.] Enough of the old machine, NEW TORO is a commercial unit but still very little info around. JD 997 regarded by jd as commercial unit and there is some limmited oz knowledge . Jd unit has a habbit of clogging radiater screens to quickly. Speaking to toro the other day and their commercial machines do this also in bad cond.Is this a result of having a side/rear mounted radiator. XP has atop mounted rad . CHoices Choices ?? NOBODY WANTS TO BE GUINEA PIG .... ZERO DOWN TIME IS THE AIM TORO COMMERCIAL IS THE PREFFERED UNIT Many thanks Tomo
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    Hello, Thankyou for the response,it is appreciated.Diesel $2000 yes yes yes Air coolled petrol ,fuel cost , high maintenance coolling fins, downtime , very short life compared to a diesel , compare pedigree of eng maker, recomendations by eg W....... petrol equiped turn your machines over regularly,diesel for the long term owner [long term to most makers 1000 to 2000 hrs ] As my previous career was in the light & heavy industries hrs this low would be UNACCEPTABLE . Remmember to calculate TOTAL LIFE COST on all your machines , you will be suprised!!! Thanks Tomo
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    You have me confused... here in the US the Toro's now have the Turbo Force deck. There are two diesels... a 27hp Diahatsu, which they have had since the old SFS decks... and a new offering with the 23hp Kubota. Other than the engine they are the same.

    Anyways, I would not consider the 997 PERIOD.

    You really can't go wrong with either Toro with the Turbo Force deck. Geez, I don't know which diesel engine I would get either. Probably the Kubota.
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    like Mick said, the rear discharge 997 was having the rear screen clog and overheat, complete disaster of a machine.

    The new replacement side discharge deere, 60'' deck, is awesome, zero issues and problems, no rear screen clogging....

    leave the rear discharge alone, the side discharge, highly recommended.

    I am very interested in Toro's new stuff, this company is making good gear these days, the Z588E I had was a true workhorse.
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    To Envy, Yes the subject of Toro/Exmark and there model changes:dizzy: in oz.Rang Exmark on advice for previous thread advised 27diahatsu series discontinued reinvented as 23hp kubota in mid size frame.In oz local domestic dealer for TORO we see this machine [exmark ]branded asTORo.Exmark advised toro do come out of the same building but managed seperately.Cross over branding . Once again T/ex maketing very average. SOLUTION Fit large industrial eng {1.2-1.5Ltrs} to 27hpframe. Improve machine as required to do so [to take extra torque]problem solved.27Hp frame cheap to maintain simple & effective.Hyraulics not OEM is good. Machine is not perfect but still good . {reasonable cost} IT WOULD BE A GOOD PACKAGE IF THE HP WAS BETTER It will be interesting to compare 27hp diesel [domestic range] to new Commercial ZTR as listed on toro web /innovations .THANKS for your opinion Tomo. :waving:
  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    Ohhh... OK, so... (using US eXmark codes) the 27hp is on the XS (Larger Frame) and the 23hp is on an upgraded standard Lazer Z frame?

    I do understand there is a bit more in-breeding between Toro and eXmark in oz.
    (confusing for us)

    In the US the rear half of the machine is pretty much the same between Toro and eXmark. The front half different. Different frame section and different deck (Turbo Force/Triton). As far as engine offerings, over here it's all the same except eXmark does not offer Kawasaki on the large frame machines, and Toro does not offer the big Briggs engines.

    However, there is one thing you might want to check on. Here in the US there is one more engine option difference. Here you can Get a 25hp Kubota on an eXmark with a 60" Triton deck on the largest (XS) frame. So you might want to check on that.

    In the end though, I have to wonder WHY they didn't just do the 28hp Kubota engine. But the 21,23,25hp Kubota's are no slugs either. The 22hp MaxTorque Kubota diesels they put on the 322D and 722D Grasshoppers are beasts.

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