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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mikemac, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. mikemac

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    Looking for a new mower for (to be installed) 10,000 sq ft of bermuda or fescue (front) bermuda (rear). Phase two will add another 8000 sq feet of bermuda. Had previously been doing about 9000 sq. w/ Tru Cut reel mower (21" ??) and would like to save back and wrists. Had thought about 'mid mount lawn tractor", probably used, just not sure if worth it...(comments welcome) In the new product area , intrigued by either exmark w/b vs Snapper yard crusier. Of course, I'm on a "budget", but I appreciate buying top quality once vs. junk 3 times. Does not seem as though there is as much 'quality equipment" on the left coast
    Thanks for input
  2. bruces

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    I have a 38" Snapper Yard Cruiser w/ 13hp motor. It is ok for flat ground, but the single joy stick is worthless if you get on any kind of slope.

    The cut is ok, not great, but fine for homeowner use.

    The Exmark will give you much better cut and reliability, its just whether you want to walk or ride.
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    try looking for a used walk-behind. They do a great job and even the 'used up' commercial units could offer good service for the homeowner.
    If you're not wanting to walk you can always add a sulky to stand on.
    Somebody here had a link to an outfit that sells brand new ones for under $ 2500.-, probably good enough for home-use.
  4. mikemac

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    I've tried looking for used locally, nothing has come up yet....most of the advise I get is that commercial outfits use 'em and use 'em and use 'em up.....
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