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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GabesLawnCare, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I'm in need of a new mower for the up coming season. I currently have all cubcadet products, i'm running 36" walk behind, 50" rider and small push mower. I'm looking for a zrt of atleast 48" but no bigger than 60". I would like to stay with cub cadet but will consider something else that has somewhat of the same color (everything looks better when it matches).
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    Did you have a question?
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    LOL….I think he was asking for a recommendation but not sure??? :confused:

    This is almost going to sound identical to a post I just wrote but yea well…I have ether operated or owned almost every major companies mowers on the market. Last year I bought the cub cadet TANK. This is the best mower I ever had. Extremely nice cut, easy to work on, hydro pumps are located at a very accessible place, fast, and extremely comfy…of course this is jus my opinion but don’t buy anything else until you at least try out THE TANK
  4. GabesLawnCare

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    haha, sorry.. i'm looking for suggestions on size (48-60) and manufacture.
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    Any commercial manufacture will probably be good, what dealers do you have nearby? Go for dealer suppport not just a brand. Also buy used if you don't what to have a huge amount of overhead, check craigslist, local dealers, classifieds, etc.

    Welcome to the forums, Hope I could help

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