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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. lawncare3

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    Pretty nice but, I would only buy one that is gas powered.
  2. GraZZmaZter

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    id have to be further convinced...
  3. Tvov

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    I don't think this is anything new. My neighbor, who is completely non-mechanical, bought a Black and Decker battery mower a few years ago. It works okay, but he goes slow to get a good cut. Also, although his mower is lightweight, the battery is HEAVY, so the mower as a whole is the about the same weight as a gas mower. He's got about 7,000sqft of lawn, and at most he can mow 1/2 of it before having to recharge overnight.
  4. Heavenly Green

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    I saw the commercial for that mower last night. I just started laughing. that thing is a piece of junk even if I were just a home owner I wouldnt touch that plastic paper weight
  5. SLS

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    Don't we already have enough old batteries contaminating our landfills? And what about the dirty, coal-fired, or even worse, nasty nuclear power plants that are in operation to recharge these disposable electrical-powered devices?

    If you want to really "Think Green" then consider one of these beauties!

    SLS has attached this image:


    Se ya'll at the Greenpeace rally! ;)
  6. What Bans? are in canada? or comming to canada?
  7. I f it came down to it I would rather push a reel mower than use an electric. I will never drive an electric car, i`d rather walk .
    nothin i`d like to do better than drive up to an electric car convention in an old chevy with a big 454 with no exhaust and burin oil real bad gettin 1/2 mile to the gallon , wearin a shirt that says "save the trees , wipe your @$$ with an owl"
    Ive alreaddy go the shirt.
  8. Those back pack blower bans I read about on here.
  9. greenngrow

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    LGF thought you would be out pushing tonight????

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