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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Avery, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Avery

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    Ordered a new Toro 355 today! This will make our fleet 100% Toro.

    I was interested in two options for the 355. The deluxe seat and the gas gauge kit. The gas gauge kit was not bad. $70.00. I can live with that. The seat on the other hand....are ya ready for this.....$500.00! Told him I would skip that one thank you very much. It should be here in a coulple of days. Not like I am in a hurry for it. Season does not start for another couple of months. I really hope it does better than the machine it is replacing. I seem to have horrible luck with bagging mowers. :(
  2. bayfish

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    Why a dedicated bagger? Do you bag a lot of grass or just leaves?
    I use a Hustler Z with a Humboldt bagging system for leaves, but for most of the season it sits in the shop and I install the Qwikchute.
  3. Quality Cuts PLS

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    Avery, Try the Comfort Ride suspension seat bracket from eXmark.
    $199.99, works great, 2" of travel, should fit Toro. Can also order from K&M Mfg. ( $149.99. I have one on my Lazer HP. It sure beats $650.00 for full suspension seat.
  4. Avery

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    Thanks for the seat info...I too thought that was a little high.

    Bayfish the way I understand the 355 is that is goes from a bagging to a mulching machine easily. The accounts we have to bag make up a small percentage of the areas we mow, but they must be bagged and I am talking to perfection. I had a complaint last year...lady let her poodle out to use the bathroom and it got grass clippings on it's feet! :) We run mostly Z's but there are places we must bag. In the past we used a Walker. Great quality of cut but it was SLOW and always seemed to have some mechanical issue going on. I think the ground speed of a Walker GHS is in the 4.5 mph range. The 355 is around 9 mph. Now I will be able to cut the contracts that require bagging in much less time and hopefully w/o the excessive down time experienced with the Walkers. Trust me...I absolutely hate bagging but we are talking a 100K+ a year contract so they want it bagged they get it bagged.
  5. Tonyr

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    Avery, you will find you will go further to fill the catcher now as the Toro recuts the clippings many times before it goes into the hopper and this allows it to fill very, very tight just like in the brochure pics, and the centre of gravity isn't adversly effected as the catcher is low profile. The vacume and catching power will impress you...the poodle won't get clippings again! ha, ha.

    Keep me posted on the new model.
  6. bayfish

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