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came across country clipper zt. never heard of it . my buddy just purchased a 25hp 52"deck for 7699. he said its a spin off of exmark. seems like they have alot of similarities and he really likes the flip up deck feature. also has optional twin stick or joy stick steering like the snappers. anybody have any experience with these.


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Snapper used to make this unit til around '98. Dunno who makes it now. They're not real popular around here, don't even know of any dealers who handle them (or parts)
Dont buy one. My old neighbour has an agway store and he started selling these things.

They are not really commercial units, and they want just as much as a Scag, and its not half the machine. Very flimsey and cheap looking.

I demoed the big one and we bent one of the deck arm thingys trying to get the deck to flip out. The joystick thing is OK but i would rather have the 2 levers.

It's better to go with a mans machine if you want to do a mans job........JMHO


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turfdude.. It was the other way around, Country Clipper used to make the Snapper mowers.

In the larger models the Country Clippers can do all and Exmark or Scag can do (and more, the deck flips up for service).


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Most commercial brands have a lot of similarities. It's the differences and the details that matter!

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