New Mowers for '08

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by phntmfoot, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. phntmfoot

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    As the season comes to an end in '07, we go over all of our equipment from the year and decide what purchases to make before the start of the next season. Obviously, with equipment costs going up, and fuel prices being what they are, what are going to be your primary considerations (i.e. features, brands, etc.) for buying mowers in '08?
  2. Mike Blevins

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    I have sold all of my mowers. I will be buying a 61" 29dfi Turf Tiger. I also will be getting a new walk-behind. I haven't decided on which name brand to get. I am currently looking at the Exmark Turf Tracer hp 48, New Scag 48" Pro v, And the Quick 44 Samurai. Also considering Bagger for the Turf Tiger and some new 2cycle Redmax equipment.
  3. topsites

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    I ain't buying jack until I get my finances straight, first comes next winter's money always, then more on top of that.
    Once I get all that done I have to put in a 1,000 dollar parts order, it will be almost a year overdue by then.
    I'd say before it's all said and done it will be September, maybe October even.

    Once the year winds down and I got money to spare, then I might spend it, yeah, maybe.
    Because I also just might jump the gun and work on having two winters saved, that's been playing around my mind lately.

    Because for mowers they done noobed them up so bad, I'd first have to tear one apart and throw away a half dozen components before it's halfway right, all they've done is add a ton of garbage that makes them heavier, and bigger and bigger engines to compensate.

    Way I see things I ain't buying squat until the trend reverses and they can produce a bare basics machine again.
    No frills, no thrills, give me a simple machine that just cuts the damn grass.

    Other notes: That's what I get for thinking mowers could be improved upon :laugh:
  4. Scagguy

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    Already figured that one out. My business is growing at a rapid rate which is good but it's put me in a cash crunch for equipment. I've always paid cash for everything except the house and cars and trucks. So, come this winter, I'm going to have a landscape bed installed on one of my pick ups, then take advantage of one of my credit cards 0% for 12 months and buy a 36"TTHP, a 48" TTHP, 2 Stihl FX 100's 2 BR600's, a FC110, and a HS 81 T in the spring. Another reason for doing it that way is getting 4 points for every dollar I spend. (can you say free vacation?) According to my forecast, the equipment will be paid off by August. I might retire the debt sooner or drag it out a little longer depending on cash flow.

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