New MTD 52" wb vs a used 48" exmark?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jarrells74, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. Jarrells74

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    I am looking at a few wb's and found 2 pretty decent used Exmark 48" wb. One is a year older then the other. The older one has a 14 hp Kohler and the newer one has a 15. I found these 2 at a local dealer. He said that he never gets exmarks used, but these came from a LCO customer of his that only uses the ZTR's now, and that these 2 mowers have basically sat the last 2 years. He started them up and they ran great. The prices on the 2 were both 1495.00 a piece, and they come with sulky's too. Is that a good deal? I also seen a brand new 52" MTD wb that he said is exactly the same as a Cub Cadet, but it wouldn't sell under this name so they changed it to Cub Cadet. This is the last one he had with the MTD name. He said he got all that he could get of this mower and has sold them really fast. I think it had a 17 hp briggs on it. The price on it was 2195.00 on sale. It does not come with a sulky. They are about 300. What is some of the opinions around here on these mowers? What would YOU do if you were first starting out? Would you wait and see what else comes out, or would you snag one of these mowers? Think I should get the MTD? I haven't really heard alot of talk about these mowers in here. Thx for the tips...
  2. Joel B.

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    How old are the Exmarks? Are they belt drive or hydro? Is the MTD belt drive or hydro?
  3. HarryD

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    give us a little more info. how many accounts do you have. do you have any other mowers.

    you cant go wrong with a exmark and the Kohler's are proven motor's that last. if these are belt mowers $1400 with a sulky sounds fair. if there hydro's great deal. I am not sure I believe that these mowers would be sitting for 2 years and have not sold in that time. unless this dealer does not do much business. I cant tell you much about the MTD never have seen one but I would not buy anything with a briggs & scrap-iron on it
  4. goodbeus

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    Repeat after me...Exmark...Exmark...Exmark;)
  5. brucec32

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    now now, I use Exmarks myself but some guys are just starting and on a budget. The condition of the used mowers is a big factor. There's something to be said for a brand new mower, even if it's not as good, in terms of reliablity and avoiding delays and breakdowns that can kill your ability to gain customers and a good rep.

    Then again, the MTD might be total junk. I've not heard much about them. If the grass he cuts is demanding, I would try to get the exmark. They do cut nicely.

    A guy bought my 7 y/o (low hours, used mostly as a backup and gated area mower) Toro wb today for over $1300, but it's in great shape. So used mowers with a good name in good shape do come at a premium. If the Exmark is running good I would go Exmark, but you never know, they could have problems. I would advise to check the mower out carefully for cut quality, engine compression, and transmission performance.
  6. Mid Rivers

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    I use a 48" Exmark Turf Tracer and i really like it.
  7. Awilkinson

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    O.k. I know I am going to be slaughtered for this, but here goes! I am going to stick up for the mtd line!

    This commercial line was built for MTD by Cub before MTD bought the cub name from Case/IH.

    I have three of them and I will put them against anything out there(except for the wright stander)!

    They cut great, are at the top end for speed, and come standard with a small striping roller which does and excellent job.

    Because MTD could not sell many of these in the red color, they have gone back to the black and yellow cub logo.

    The reason why there are such great deals on them right now is because MTD is almost forcing dealers to get rid of the red line and stock heavy on the black and yellow.

    Parts are easy to get because they are exactly the same machine.

    If nothing else, demo it, I am sure you will be pleased with the cut and operation!

    O.K. guys hammer away!!!!!!!:D :angel:
  8. yardman1

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  9. goodbeus

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    Awilkinson, just curious as to how long you've had your MTD's?
  10. Awilkinson

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    from Indiana
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    I have had my ztr (2560) 25hp Kohler, 60" deck for all of last season. my wb I added halfway through last season. The second wb was just added over the winter and have not used it yet.
    The only bad thing I can say about the ztr is that I do not like the muffler placement, and I think that the compression is to high on the Kohler and it backfires often when reducing throttle.

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