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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by KleanKutzLawn, Dec 9, 2010.

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    So a few years ago me and a buddy had a landscaping business with lawn maintanence. We had ran it for three years and were quite successful. Well he quit and i wasn't prepared to work it myself at that time in my life, so i went back into the rat race and started back at retail. well after a few years of working for someone else and having nothing to show for it i start wondering......why? So i decided to go back to what i know and love. When we had our business we had a name and log and where legit.

    Klean Kutz Landscaping and Lawn Maintanence

    [​IMG] our old logo

    that was our logo. well times have changed and i want to start off alot more professional then what i had. i want to be know as a company, not just some yard guy so i came up with new logo theme and advertisement. Let me know what you guys think.

    [​IMG] our advertising banner

    [​IMG] our logo to go on shirts

    [​IMG] my business cards
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    I don't know what I should do first; Buy a frog enclosure and a heat lamp or call you to perform landscaping services.

    Seriously, what's the connection between landscape services and the frog?
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    I wanted to go with something colorful. In our area of the coast of texas you can't go into a yard and either hear a frog or see one, especially after it rains. There are all kinds of frogs all over our area. So what's the coralation between a gecko and insurance? But when you see the gecko you think of insurance same concept of what I'm tring to achieve. But overall that's y I put this up here to get feed back, corrections and insight.

    Thanks for the reply
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    You do have a point. On the General commercials, there is always a peguin riding in the bus or holding up a sign. Has nothing to do with the company but everytime I see a peguin, it reminds me of the General insurance. Good looking designs, nice work!
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    Great idea! It's all about branding anyway. Good luck,

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    I keep reading it as Rabbit Lawn care then I see a frog, LOL.
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