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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mike lane lawn care, Apr 23, 2006.

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    we had some new people move into the house accross the street, it's a small,OVERPRICED house about $500,000 for a smal ranch house, so tomorrow when we go over to meet them, i will give them a buisness card and give them a brief statement of what i do. i know everybody says not to do neighbors (get your mind out of the gutters), but this year with new equipment i need all the biusness i can get. anyone else do this?
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    I cut my neighbors yard (2 houses or about 7 years ago) for about 2 years. Torwards the end when my house was under contract for sale, he let me hang for over a month, then tried to give me a used gas fireplace instead of paying up. :confused:
    To make things worse, he called me up drunk one evening, asked me to come over and power wash his house and deck, we discussed price, and I told him I would be over the following morning at 8:30 AM.
    As I was outside setting up (already had my stuff off of the trailer and all) His wife came running outside to tell me they had changed thier minds and couldn't afford the $125.00 we had agreed on.:angry:
    That was the last time I heard from or even saw my good ol' neighbor.

    Not that this is a common thing, just thought I would share.
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    I don't know. I hear these stories, but yet know SEVERAL lco's that do neighbors of their's with no problems. Myself? I do the people across the street. They just moved in 2 years ago. They have been completely happy. Before that, I did the people that USED to live in that house.....for about 20 years. I do the people that live next door to them - also across the street...also for for about the last 20 years. I do the people that live next door to them, down the subdivision street,...and the people who live acroos the subdivision street from them. I also do the people who live about 7 or 8 houses down from me the other way. Them, for about 10 years. Of course, when you go down into the subdivision, there are about a dozen other houses that I a sense, all neighbors as well. Have I ever had any troubke or problem working with them? No. None at all.
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    I will have my neighboors ask me to cut their lawns if they get busy and don't have the time but I don't yet have anything full time yet. It don't bother me that much because they don't always see it as proffesional service. Sometimes they try and rip me off or expect it done for free so you can be a "good neighboor". I've done that a twice but no more. I get the money up front or it don't get done. I don't mind being nice and I certainly don't overcharge them but some still try and rip me off. It just gets annoying! IMO
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    When I had my biz in florida. I did my house, 2 houses around the corner 2 across the street, and three down the stree on the same side, and the HOA Common/pool area which was caddy corner across the street from me.

    10 sites including my own and did not have to move my truck once for any of them. Never had any billing issues either.

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