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    costomer wanted the wall to blend in and not look like a brick wall, you know look sort of rough , what do you guys think. The project is not done yet there is a flagstone patio going in behind the wall and to the back step...bryan
    before pics



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    Looks good, but the tree has too much dirt too far up it's trunk. I have seen mature trees die from exactly what was done. Your part (the wall) looks good though!

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    well actually the dirt is only about two inches or less, higher , than where the mulch has been for a couple of years. im safe there i think. the only thing im worried about is some of the roots i had to cut, and they still want me to trim the tree. i bridged over some of them and cut into a few of them too. But does anyone know if i should wait on the triming, i dont want to shock the tree to much. The tree is 20 years old and started off as one of those 12" tall memorial day sticks that there kids brought home from school.
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    It looks good. I think the only thing that I would have done Differently is to try and stager the joints more. I could notice it alot in the last pic. Kinda like this --- --- ---
    --- ---

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    i would agree with that, staggering the joints more , but it seemed like every peice that would stagger it nicely just wouldnt sit right. anyways thanks for the comments. i dont do landscaping 100% of the time so i like to here how i could do it better for next time....thanks guys....Bryan

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    I also put these in on the other side of the yard.....and i did the edging by hand.



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    How much do they wan't off the tree? You should be fine it doesn't look like you took out too many roots anyways. Btw what was the price for the rock?
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    Don't know why you bothered putting that wall up...I'm sure you'll just knock it down with the plow next winter anyways... :D

    Just kidding man, looks good. And welcome to Lawnsite!


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