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New one for me.


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Guy wants a bid for roughly 3 acres mostly wide open weekly mowing. minimal trimming and then 5-10 small 1000 sqft yards with fences and trimming around light posts. I figure maybe an hour of trimming every 2 weeks but unsure what to bid on mowing. I have a 36" fixed deck hydro. It is a 2 hour round trip drive at the longest and usually only an hour.
I have looked at the productivity charts for exmark and toro and figure about .9 acres an hour 80% 3 mph. so will figure this at lowest and then 1.5 at highest when grass is not growing as fast.
I realize I need a larger mower but that is not an option untill I have the 36" paid off and about 6 more accounts that I would use a larger mower on.
Again this is an out in the country no one else is even as close as I am.
Just give me a figure. I know I need to charge for drive time but I am just looking at what to charge for the mowing. Thanks