New or Used F-450 or 550

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    As you guys know I have gave up on the hooklift idea but I'am still searching for a F-450 and have been for awhile. It is getting frustrating the trucks that are out there are high kilometerage junk. I'am also looking for a 4x4 which is a rare find.

    One of the guys I work with says buy new and finance the truck over 5 years so if I buy a 06-07 F-450 4x4 for 48,000 that doesn't include a dump box.

    My current truck is a 95 F-450 it needs work and I'am getting tired of working on old trucks its never ending repairs.

    Do you guys think the new trucks are worth buying and which is better lease or bank loan and buy the truck ?
  2. AWJ Services

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    I also have been in the market for a truck also.
    I need a crew cab which it makes it even harder too find a good used one.

    It really depends on how you will be able too use the truck for tax purposes.

    In the USA I always go for the lowest overall payback price.
  3. Hummer

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    Gravel Rat,

    You might want to check out

    I just purchased a 2000 F-450, 7.3L, 6-speed, 4X4, chasis cab from them this past Monday. I ended up having to go out of state to puchase a truck because they just aren't that easy to find here in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

    I've already had a new flat bed installed on the truck and yesterday I went out and purchased a new 105 gallon fuel transfer tank along with a tool box that I'll install on the front of the bed.

    Good luck in your search.
  4. Sunscaper

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    I had a 97 ford 4x4 dump and had similar problems. They don't make you money when they are sitting in the shop. I bought a new 04' F-350 diesel 4x4 dump which I financed for 5 yrs. I have a much larger payment but with an increased payload capacity, doubled mileage, zero downtime, and no repair bills we actually keep more omney annually. Always invest based on profitability, if you can get a tax break for that investment that should always be a secondary benefit.
  5. jazak

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    Well on a new 2006 F-150-F-550 truck you get 0% for 60 months, not a bad deal.
  6. ksss

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    GR, throughout this it seems to me your obsession with getting a Ford 450/550 seems to be the purpose of your venture rather than what it is a piece of a overall picture. Personally in your case it is crazy to buy new. Your already taking a substantial risk. Check out the internet and find a IH 4900 4X4 or a good used 550 or 5500. Why take the risk. You will have plenty of things to spend money on. If this works out there is always time to buy a new vehicle. If it doesn't your not going to want to try and sell a new vehicle and your not going to want a big payment after loosing your shirt. The difference between these guys, and you is everyone else already has an established business you don't. You may be going at this wrong.. I would sit down decide what it will take (money) to get of the ground. Make sure you have financing in place. If your borrowing say a 100K than after you get everying else bought, factoring equiment, insurance, advertising and operating capital, etc. That will help tell you what a realistic budget is for a pickup. A budget and your bank will tell you what you can afford. This is why I say your trying to justify a new vehicle out of this. I doubt it is there. You may want to use the one you have. Your margins are going to be razor thin as it is. I think you need to really sit down and think about what this whole thing entails and you'll realize that you have many more things to consider than whether to buy a new 550 if your realistic with yourself.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    This truck is my daily driver too so when I'am working for the gov't transportation company I work 8 to 16 days straight so I can't have any break downs. I'am the only spare employee they have in the area so if I don't show up to work they are stuck. It can be a little stressfull at times if I have troubles getting to work nobody else in the other dept of the company is certified to do the job. Its not a hard job but you know what gov't regulations are like about people running equipment that moves people. I'am not going to give up the job because its paying for most of the bills and will help with the truck payment.

    The truck is going to hopefully give me extra work which I think it will if I start advertising again. The way my work schedules are I start work at 6am and off at 1pm that leaves me with the afternoon to do deliveries. Or when I'am on afternoon shift I have 7am to 2pm to do deliveries. I can do landscaping on the days I don't work for the gov't I can also back to hauling lumber did allot of it hauling 10,000 dollar loads of cedar siding etc. The 2 guys that I haul for keep asking if I can go back to delivering their wood products.

    As I meantioned I have been looking for a truck for awhile now I bought the 95 last year to replace the 89 I had. The 95 was good for about a year then things starting going wrong with it :rolleyes: I don't want to invest money into putting a mason dump on it just get rid of it and find something else.

    The trucks I found so far are the wrong wheelbase one a 2002 F-550 4x4 in perfect condition with unheard of low kilometerage 48,000kms(29,000 miles) the truck is in mint shape or it looks like it is in the pictures.

    Drawback the truck has a 201 wb too long the truck has a automatic but I could live with that. I investigated about shortening the frame found some info in the Ford body builders info its not recomended to shorten the frame to the wheelbase I want the price is good too 35,000 dollars. Found a 2001 F-450 2wd has 201wb 120,000kms (75000 miles) wrong wheelbase the truck has a decent price too :(

    One of my requirements is I want a 5 or 6spd manual but 90% of the trucks have automatics. I'am not a fan of automatic transmissions but if the truck has low kilometers then I will make a exception. As for the 4wheeldrive I would like to have it but its not a deal killer. I have been doing without 4wheeldrive for 10 years but having it makes life a little easier.

    I found a few 2003s but they are 6.0s I'am not touching those lemonade mobiles. If I think I have headaches now just imagine owning a 03 6.0 PSD that the Ford dealer can't figure out to fix.

    So its got me on the idea should I just bite the bullet and buy new and quit fooling around with somebody elses problems. It will be the first new truck I would ever own but might be worth it. I never get anymore than 4 years out of a used truck and usually it ends up costing me money in repairs.
  8. Qualey

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    So you're thinking of buying one of these trucks to make your commute to work at your part-time job, at which you don't have a dime invested, more reliable? Then you might find other work for it?

    Look, enough of this asking the same question over and over looking for an answer that is the one you want. If you want one of these pieces of **** for your daily driver and have come up with enough reasons to justify it to yourself then just do it and be done with it. Come on man, make a decision already.
  9. Dirty Water

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    What you want since you need a daily driver is a toyota Prius, it gets 45 MPG!


    And, you can run your junk hauling business too, because Toyota offered a little known hook lift option for the prius:



  10. RockSet N' Grade

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    The guys around here who are making money (that means not just gross, but stuff that sticks to your pockets) who drive truck are the guys who buy a good used 10 wheeler with a tag axle for under 20K. One guy I know, got a ten wheeler for $4, looks like crap, he does the mechanical work himself............BUT, it still pays the going rate of $80 an hour. So would you rather invest $4500 to make $80 an hour or go buy a new fancy rig for $116-160K to make $80 an hour? The math is pretty easy, its just the ego gets in the way of the math......

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