New Original Prolockers F/S Best Price ever!! LOOK!

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ProLockers Trailer Wheel Lock Down System Lawnmowers ATV’S Landscapers look!

Check me out on Ebay, user pcb1303 Ebay item# 230378274152 I have been selling Prolockers for years and 100% feedback!!! I am a paid sponsor of this site and I may terminate my sponsorship at any given time, so make sure you write down my contact information as I will be selling the original left over stock of Prolockers for years to come.

Here is the story, I bought up ALL of the “Original Prolockers made from 2002 to 2007” with extra parts (yes, the pins) a few years back shortly after ProEquipment ( the founder went bankrupt. These units are VERY popular as I have sold hundreds of them in a short time and hundreds more on hand so keep my phone number I will be around for a long time! I have sold these on Lawnsite for about a year, but now I am back in full force and I want to personally thank all of you who have purchased the Prolockers from me in the past with hopes of many more new customers, tell all of you friends. Please post replies to my add here and tell everyone of your experience with the purchase of a Prolocker from me, GOOD:rolleyes: or Bad:nono:

New in the box left over original stock, never used or opened.


ProLockers Features:
· Heavy Duty steel construction
· Powder-coated finish
· All hardware and instructions included
· Installs in 20 minutes or less
· Only one ProLockers needed per piece of equipment up to 1,500 lbs.
· Secures equipment and prevents damage
· Mounts to left or right side of equipment
· Comes complete with mounting brackets and hardware.
· Optional Padlock For Theft Prevention
· Easy 1 Pin Removal From Trailer Deck
· Eliminate Chains, Straps, and Tie-Downs
. " The most important one of all, Exceeds DOT Requirements 393.100 and 393.102 (try finding this on the new reproduction ones made from overseas)"!!!

Below are the models and their capacity. Please use the tire size for your application as listed below to help you determine the unit that will best match your needs. SORRY, but I have just sold out of the 225 Prolockers:confused:

12 1/2" to 16" Tire Height
7 1/8" Tire Width
Fits most zero turn mowers, lawn/garden tractors, and
some snow blowers, stump grinders, and golf carts
List Price: $169.95
Our Price: $60.00 each OR 2 for $100.00 (spring special).

20” to 26” Tire Height
11 1/8” Tire Width
Fits most ATVs, Utility Vehicles, and some large golf carts
List Price: $249.95
Our Price: $125.00

I also have many extra sets of pins; they are sold in a set of 2 (one fixed and one operational) for the cost $17.95 with free shipping. Every Prolocker comes with one (1) trailer mountaing kit PE-WL050 , extra mounting kits are sold for $21.95 each.

SHIPPING USA only, flat rate of $15.00 for each Prolocker.

PAYMENT, PayPal, Bank Check or Postal Money order ONLY.

I have several hundred of the ORIGINAL STOCK ProLockers, “MADE IN THE USA” and not the ones made overseas that you would pay $129.99 for. I will ship FedEx ground all insured from FedEx for $100.00 per box (no PO boxes PLEASE), I also ship truck freight and I offer high volume discount buying. Contact me for more information. SCAMERS NEED NOT TO APPLY, WE ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

Phil 715-551-2215 (cell)








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I ship everything via FedEx as I have a shipping account with them and this is why I charge only $15.00 per Prolocker. FedEx and UPS will only ship to a busness or a house (residental) address, so NO post office boxes!!! l They are two miles from my place and I ship seven days a week, I have had NO problems with then at all, as a matter of fact they are faster and more reliable than USP! The post office takes forever, not to mention they would proably charge about $40.00 to ship one of these.

Thanks for asking!!!



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Even though i sold the prolockers I purchased from Phil I can say he is a pleasure to deal with and very helpful.
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do you take paypal?


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The fastest way to place a order is to just call me, otherwise send me a private message or email me directly You can also buy them from me off of Ebay, however you will pay alot more for them because I have to pay for their dreded fees, fees and more fees! Most people pay me with PayPal as I can ship it out the same day. I also accept a Postal Money order and a bank check, which ever way works for you guys/gals!



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Will this work on my Walker? It's a MT-26hp-EFI with a 48inch deck.

I've got a 6x10 enclosed trailer and to balance the weight and make the most use of space I back the mower in and either keep it centered or I park it closest to the (truck's) drivers side. This way I can get a little extra room on the trailers side door (on the trucks passanger side).

When I take sharp turns or go over bumps the mower can move around. The rear wheels are designed to swivel and sometimes they do during transport-so a rear double wheel locking set up would likely work best.

Thank you in advance!


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Thanks for those pictures. They say a pictures worth a thousand words. I've been looking into a more permanent tie down/strap procedure and have seriously considered these. Do you happen to have any pictures of a Z done? I would imagine the ones you use for those would be a bit smaller. Or, which one of those in comparison to the 3 you have side by side is used in the picture? It looks huge.
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