New Owner and having problems with a new Cheetah

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by virginiavenom, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. virginiavenom

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    New lawn care services owner, I have a backup mower (old reliable is what I call her, my Kubota) but I really need my SCAG Cheetah running right again. mower has 24 hours on it. about 2 hours ago it would begin to sporadically backfire and begin running very slow, bog down horribly at slow speeds on minimal grass. (assuming it was only running on one cylinder) it would run great, then run horrible, no idea what the problem is. we have changed plugs, tried running 93 vs 87, ran sea-foam through it, no change, still very sporadic. when it runs like crap, I get back fires pretty consistently (assuming the fuel isn't detonating in the cylinder) my only thoughts are coil/s Dealer thinks it could be, but he believes it is the fuel that has caused a buildup on an exhaust valve and it's sticking.....seems like a lot of buildup for such a new mower with minimal work, always ran shell/chevron fuel through it (87 octane, but the E10 crap as it's all we have) we just did the first service on the motor as we were eliminating possibilities. oil was pretty clean actually. thoughts? opinions.

    we currently only have about 3 jobs for each month, but most are larger flat and about 4-5 acres each (wondering what you guys charge per acre as well?)

    thanks for the help fellas, I love my cheetah, she was expensive but makes large jobs VERY fast.
  2. Sureline

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    I just bought two of the speed beasts. I did encounter the same thing when I let one of the mowers get really low on fuel. I had to baby it to the truck and fill both tanks full. My dealer said it could have been the NEW EPA standards breathers that are on both sides of the motor. After filling up the tanks and letting it run for a couple minutes it ran fine.

  3. grandview (2006)

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    Change the fuel filter also ,with the new gas it could be eating the inside of the tank and getting stuck in the filter.
  4. slawn

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    Love my cheetah, no problems 200 hours now. I only run non ethanol gas in all my equipment.
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  5. virginiavenom

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    have only been able to find the ethanol crap anywhere local.

    fuel filter check, no problems, insides of the tank look fine, tried loosening the caps on both sides, tried the full tanks of fuel as difference.

    really can't explain it. I love my cheetah too.....when it runs right. it seems like when it first starts, it runs great while it's cool, but then once it get's warmed up a little, it starts going back and forth between great and crap. I think the coils need to be replaced on them as maybe they are getting hot. I'll be taking it to the dealer this coming weekend and telling them I don't want it back until it's fixed for good. very irritating when you pay so much for a mower, that really hasn't seen much use, and doesn't run over anything as all of the properties are clean and well kept, never thrown so much as a small rock or run over a branch....and these things are definitely built for abuse....I baby mine.
  6. Sureline

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    I had to drop mine off at the dealer to have them look over both of them. I was having a weird vibrating noise coming from the deck. Dealer called and said they found plastic shavings within the fuel filter and tank. That also stated that they raised the RPM's to get the vacuum within the deck working better for stripping. I've had it back and it cuts like a beast. The vibrating deck noise went with the low RPM.
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  7. ztman

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    The cheetah owners manual says if you use e10 it will severly damage the engine
  8. Johnagain

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    Page 36 of the Cheetah manual.

    Fill the fuel tank at the beginning of each operating day.
    For EPA Phase 2 (produced prior to 1/1/2011) models,
    fill to within one (1) inch below the filler neck. For Low
    Emission (LE) and EPA Phase 3 (produced after
    1/1/2011) models, fill to the bottom of the filler neck insert
    (approximately 8 gallons per fuel tank indicating Full (F)
    on the fuel gauge) at the beginning of each operating day.
    See Figure 7-6. Do not overfill. Use clean, fresh unleaded
    gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 87 and a
    maximum of 10% Ethanol.
    DO NOT use E85 Fuel. Using E85 Fuel will cause severe
    damage to the engine.

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