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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jbirdturf, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. jbirdturf

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    I recently went out on my own. I was curious as to what were your most effectives ways of advertising? I am also having to be budget minding, any advice?;)
  2. stevenf

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    I had to limit myself this year because of the equipment and problems with the equipment I was having.
    I purchased a 2x2.5ft sign for the back of the trailer,and I passed out 200 flyers walking door to door. Off of the 200 flyers, I had about 11 accounts. Now Im at 9 as the summer is coming to an end.
    So over all, the sign sucked. I only got yards off of the flyers. Another thing I noticed. The first 50-60 flyers that I passed out, I targeted yards that looked like noone cut them or they were getting tall. I passed the rest of the flyers to everydoor in a few neighborhoods. ALL of my accounts were from the yards that I targeted at first.
    Around mid feb, I am going to start passing out flyers and try to get 3000-5000 out by march.
  3. Sweet Tater

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    This is my first year also. I only have 7 accounts so far this summer and all we because of me running my mouth ( been told I talk to much lol and should be a politician) I hand out business cards to anyone I talk to, even the politicians at the local rallies ( they give me theirs, I give them mine.) So far nothing from them, but they were cheap. I use MS Word and print my own, they look professional made. I just printed my own flyers and handing them out at a local benefit tomorrow and also just came off $160 for a month long ad in the paper. we'll see how that works. So far all advertising is under $200. I'll do more flyers and walk a neighborhood about the middle of the month.
  4. Naples

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    Think of the market(real estate). I live in sw florida now and inadvertanily have become part of a fast growing foreclosure market just in the last 3 weeks I have picked up 7 accounts for propertys in 2.5 wks on top of 12 that I have(forclosure)Banks , brokers and agents and homeowners are struggling to find people to matain "curb appeal" Look for property management companys. I sold and retired one of the largest landscape companys in md. and moved to florida a long time ago so know I KNOW what I am talking about. These propertys normaley last about 7 wks on the market and the first cut is usually a bear(charge extra) but the maintenece cuts after that are gravy. AND they keep coming. I wasn't even trying for this, I was flipping house's here and the market really went south(cuba I think) and made quite a few business type friends and thats how I found out
  5. jbirdturf

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    Thanks to all that replied. Your advice is appreciated, and helpful.:usflag:
  6. CuttersEdgeks

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    had my best luck with local advertising paper not a news paper just a paper that is all advertising.
  7. Ok.........Here it goes! Look for people that have just moved into a house. You can find out their info in the news paper. Name , address, and how much they paid for the house. From there put a nice shirt on and clean up the old pick up and go and talk to them.

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