New P/T Biz, Any Police Officers in Lawn/landscape?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MPD, Feb 16, 2006.

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    I am from Missouri and thinking about starting up a Lawn Service Business with keeping the idea of doing small to moderate Landscaping as well.

    I plan on doing this part time, however I am a Police Officer that has a demanding schedule. I was wandering if there are any other part timers out there with demanding schedules who somehow make it work, or it ending up working out just fine. I currently switch every 3 weeks days and evenings, and weekends come and go as far as being off. Right now I work two other jobs that pay excellent, but mentally drain me as well.

    I'd like to get some honest opinions as to how many accounts I should realistically stick to based on a schedule like mine. Police work doesn't pay out millions, but I'd like to keep my license in Law Enforcement, so quitting isn't an option in the next year or two. I will eventually make a career change. I have been on for a while and established excellent benefits along with great health coverage. My two other jobs pay above $25. an hour (police work), but are mentally draining me.

    Any help from any part time workers with demanding schedules, part time workers with full time jobs/careers, or anyone from Missouri or this site with some helpful answers?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I cant help you with the part time question but I am a police officer in central V.A. who is leaving in two weeks to start cold turkey in N.C. I dont have a lot of time invested so I'm not losing much. My wife is a stay at home mom for our 2 girls so the single PD salary isnt cutting it. Going to give it a go on my own! Good luck to you I know the mowing on the side can be a great stress relief according to some of the guys up here and who knows you may take the leap full time before you know it...

    Be safe and good luck!:drinkup:

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    Keep in mind that grass grows all the time. It will not wait for you. Can you set up a time to show up each week- every week, Can you deal with rain.
    Lawn maintenance will drain you also-at least your body. And how will your mind handle keeping of your route on a timely basis.
    Do you need the extra money to live- 1st year will more than likely be a loss. Not even close to $25.00 per.
    This is a business with all the mentally draining stuff that goes with it and also a lot of maintenance to the equipment. Tools are not cheap, Can you put up the start-up costs.

    Remember the grass is always greener on the other side. That is why 2 guys I know left the LCO side and went into law enforcement.hammer Work is work.

    Is there money to be made. Yes, but you will work hard for it. Your competition is all the unemployed guys that are doing this at low cost to the customer and very little profit. It will take a few years to build up past that point. It will take even longer as a part timer. Or a large investment of cash with a long time frame for ROI.

    Think this all through and do a business plan.

    Also add the time to switch gears between jobs- to pick up a trailer- to gas up each day.
    Again, it can be done, but it is a lot like every thing else- you get out what you put in.
    If you know that you can get the part time jobs back try this for one year and see how it works. Go luck with it.

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    Where are you moving to. I might be of some help
  5. daveintoledo

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    as pm said the grass keeps growning requardles of your schedule..

    welcome and good luck....
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    I'm moving to the Charlotte area in two weeks. I'm going to Incorperate to get a group rate for heath insurance but It's slowing me down in purchasing equipment and sending out mailers/door hangers. I want to be able to deduct the equipment on my taxes.

    Do you do any business outside of mooresville? I need to find out if I want to mow some accounts in concord/cabarras county will I need business licenses there or just in charlotte where I will be based?


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    I have done some one time stuff in Concord for some real estate deals we had but not any weekly work. Concord is a long way from Charlotte time wise and I don't believe you will need to travel that far. You will find more than enough work close to home.. If you move north on 77 I can help you fine a place to live. I work out of Lake Norman Realty with offices in Huntersville and Mooresville, Denver and Statesville. I believe you will be very happy with the work opportunities here
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    I'm part time lco, and full time trooper. I work a month of days, then switch to swings. Back, and forth. My days off rotate each month. I ended the 2005 season with 17 accounts. I work solo, and this was all that I could handle. There was days that I would park my unit, switch uniforms, hook up the trailer, and go. Does that get old? You bet! I was ready for winter.
    I work off duty security gigs when the come my way. But, when I started my lawn business it gets priority over those gigs. Remember, it'll take an investment in getting your lawn business started. You'll have a commitment to your customers. So, if you have a bad day at the le job, it doesn't matter. You still have to go mow Mrs. Smith's yard. It may be raining the next three.
    I would recommend starting small. Research your area. Find out what the average lawn pays. Figure out what equipment you'll need. Try to buy good used equipment. Try to keep your start up costs down. Take on a few accounts, and see how much time you have left, and go from there.
    Good Luck!!

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