New PA DOT Laws?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Grass Wackerz, Mar 26, 2011.

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    Has anyone heard or read any new laws for towing a trailer in Pa? I heard yesterday that I need to register my truck and trailer as a "combination".

    I always thought that they took the gvw of your truck & trailer added them together to get a total gvw (8800 + 7000 = 15800) then took the unlaiden weight of both truck and trailer (6200 + 2300 = 8500) subtract unlaiden from gross (15800 - 8500 = 7300) and that is what you are allowed to haul.

    The way I understood the guy is.......

    If my dodge 2500 has a gvw of 8800lbs and has an unlaiden weight of 6200lbs that means I am only legal to tow a total of 2600lbs. therfore leaving me being able to haul 300 lbs of equipment on my trailer.

    Im trying to be compliant to any new regulations but it seems that every DOT officer or trooper you talk to has a different answer.

    Does anyone have a clue as to what the law reads?
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    Are you DOT compliant? Do you have your DOT number? On your trailer you need to look at the GVW of the trailer. If the trailer has two 3500lb axles the GVW of the trailer is 7000 minus the weight of the trailer lets 1000 would be the amount you can haul on the trailer. The GVW that should be labeled on your vehicle should be the GVW of both the truck and the trailer. So say your truck's gvw is 8000 and your truck ways 3000 then you would be able to haul 5000 in your truck. The combination would be trailer 7000 truck 8000 Total gvw that should be labeled on your truck is 15000 so with that said the total load you could haul would be 11000lbs. If you don't understand all of this DOT crap you need to get some help. We have a company that keeps up on our compliance. All of this you are asking about is easy the paperwork is what scares me to death. Good luck
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    I know this thread is old, but might be good info for many in PA. PA regulations for vechicles doing commerce, making money. Any combination 17,001LBS and above GCVW must have a combo registration and follow Fed DOT regulations.
    Federal DOT laws require anyone crossing state lines at 10001 LBS and above GVW or GCVW to follow thier regulations.

    Note for any trailer in PA 10001LBS and above, commerce or recreational, must follow fed DOT regulations. I believe that applies to most states, if not all.
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    are there any requirements for dot reports, quarterly,or annualy

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