new part timer

Karl S

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Mt Juliet, TN

Been lurking here for over a year & have learned so much, thank you for sharing so much info about the biz. I learned filmmaking in a similar way and that is my day job, but oddly enough I really enjoy being outside & working. Me & my sons started cutting 4 yards the last couple of years with a Cub Cadet tractor & two push mowers. Our big purchase this year was our own trailer had been borrowing a neighbors. Now looking at getting a commercial mower as the Cub is about dead. I have a $4K budget & am considering either used Ferris/Exmark or new Bradley. Probably a WB but if I go new maybe a Bradley stander. Thanks for any input!


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Ferris IS400S. Solid ZTR mower in your price range with suspension.