New Paver Puller/Extractor

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by brickpuller, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. neighborguy

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    Seems like a great product but we generally don't have that many pavers that I need to pull. At least not enough to justify the price that Unilock is quoting here in Wisconsin.
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    thanks for feedback.
  3. brickpuller

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    Comments! ORDERS????:cool2:
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    What if all the sponsors were to create topics such as this and they all kept refreshing their threads and bringing them back to the top???? Like every 24 or 48 hrs?

    I realize you're a paying sponsor, and I do like your gadget(s), but good grief - don't wear out your welcome.......

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    Just trying to keep in front of everyone with it almost being spring. Thanks
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    I'm in a rush, so I can't read all the posts. I need a paver puller or paver extractor fast!! If anyone here sells them or knows where I can get one, please call me @904-614-7208. I will be very grateful!!!! I probably wont see the post in time if you respond here, so the phone call would be best....Please??
    Thanks again!!
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  9. big daddy b

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    Honestly, looks like a solid tool and well built, but seems like a huge waste of money and takes longer and more a process to me at least.
    Normally when I am replaces bricks, it's because they are already chipped or broken and it's usually one or two in a huge patio, and I just smash it with a hammer and take the pieces out and replace with a new brick, done over with.

    But, I've also done engraved bricks at SU.
    We had to remove (120) 4x8s and (33) 8x8s and replace with engraved bricks. The hard part was we had to remove the existing bricks with no damage to reuse to be engraved in the future. So when we did that we had two screw drivers and a dead blow, and had to slowly and carefully pull them out. Very tightly laid in and poly sanded. It took us about 15 minutes per paver to pull out (again, undamaged) and replace.

    I'd like to see a tool out there that can removed without damaging the paver, besides a screw driver. Somethingwith a sunction cup?
  10. BrandonV

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    zombie thread lives!

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