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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Last year I came to the realization that my business was running me instead of me running my business. All I was doing was working and still not getting anything done.

    It was hard to do but I had to hire a General Manager to run my business.

    I am here to tell you that it was the best move I have ever made!!!!

    It is great to get a new set of views and ideas as it is easy to get in a rut and do the same ol same ol.

    Our marketing and advertising is to a whole new level. We are in 3 trade shows this winter and the first one was literally a huge success.

    Our business is growing at a great pace and it just hit me today the things we are doing now that we were not doing a year ago.

    Some of you may be doing these things already but here are some ideas I wanted to share.

    -Writing Thank you cards to all new customers
    -Calling the day ahead or you "call ahead" requests
    -Leaving dog bones for you clients with Dogs

    What are you guys doing to show your customer you want and need them? I am looking for more ideas.

    What we are going to start doing for 2012 is call about 6-8 customers a day and see how their lawn is doing.

    These are ideas that I would have not come up with...let alone have time to do.

    I started out as a one man operation...but if you guys are wanting to grow your business, the best way is to hire a stud to help you.

    Now the business doesn't need me. If I were to get injured or worse my business would survive.

    You can't do it alone! I tried and was not successful.

    Build a team of great people and they will build you a great business.
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    Sound marketing advice advice Rodney.

    Too many times on this forum, company owners talk as if their clients are the enemy. Treating your clients positively with small things will pay off big time.
  3. rcreech

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    The reason I wanted to post this many times we feel like we as business owners have to do everything.

    I was the purchaser, salesman, operator, billing, collections, customer service and when I had time I tried to be a business owner.

    Once you get to a certain start to fail in areas and that is not good.

    When I started my business I was always good at calling customers back THE SAME DAY, but once I started growing it didn't always happen.

    I would be 2 weeks behind on billing! That is insane.

    I would run estimates until dark.

    Now I get to run my business.

    I rarely get involved in the day to day operations.

    Now I have someone that plans the routes, makes the phone calls and billing and acct receivables are none of my worries.

    I actually run my business!

    About the only time I get directly involved is if we have a customer complaint or there is a technical issue with the lawn.

    I am more involved with commercial accts and larger landscapers etc.

    I don't have to do it all...and technically my business is MUCH better off with me NOT trying to do it all.

    Guess I just want to assure other LCO's that it is ok to let go.

    Life is much better now! :)
  4. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    Well said Rodney

    We send every customer a Thank You card at Thanksgiving.

    This year I will be starting a E-Newsletter to provide timely information for the month we are in the season, plus a great time to up sale.

    I'm kind of at your point having a tough time letting go I guess we all wish we could clone ourselves.
  5. lawnrx

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    Thats awesome advice. I want to be at that level one day soon.
  6. mattfromNY

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    Great advice! Great to hear positive things, as I am at a point that I need to pass more control to my key employees and stop micro-managing every single aspect of the business. I drive myself insane, I am my own worst enemy. Trying to do everything and micro-manage my employees, and 'living' my business 24/7, I feel like I am going backwards much of the time. I think I finally have the key employees in place this year to give them a little more control. Thanks for posting, keep sharing the great ideas!!
  7. lawnagent

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    Awesome advice! I appreciate this post. Thank you.
  8. RigglePLC

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    The winter slow season is a great time to call customers and thank them. And ask if they have any problems or questions. And without being pushy(like tru brown)--ask for referrals--and make upsells available.

    And you can offer to reseed small bare spots for free.

    And through the magic of cell phones, remind them that you return all calls within 2 hours. And do resprays within 24 hours. Big companies may be cheap--but they just cannot deliver that kind of high-performance service.
  9. Lefet

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    Subscribing, great thread, great advice, thanks!!
  10. fl-landscapes

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    Congrats rc, sounds like your right where you want to be.
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