New Permagreen Agitator for lesco 3 hole and Permagreen 3 hole hoppers

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Mr Efficiency, Oct 19, 2016.

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    Back in the day there was only a few fertilizers that were coated with control products.
    Today there are many different types of control products that are coated on many different types of fertilizers, synthetic and organic. The coatings on the fertilizers make the material sometimes cakey especially when humid.
    When using the permagreen agitator you always get a consistent even flow of materials 99% of the time and when you open up the holes the material flows right away.

    Organic fertilizers are not perfectly round size Prill also and don't flow evenly unless you have the right agitator.
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    I Brought my older Lesco push spreader that has a permagreen agitator in it over to my friend's house yesterday to apply some starter fert, old Scott's fertilizer he had and to apply some sustain 8-2-4 organic fert.

    The old Scott's winterizer fertilizer he had to put down was clumpy and no screen is in my older lesco spreader. I never tested out that kind yet.
    I set the spreader holes to barely open and I was able to spread that stuff at a very low rate and it flowed perfectly.

    Few pictures of when I finished applying the old climpy Scots winterizing fert.


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    $999.99 2 pack Breakthru agitators??
    Why do people do this, sell a few of an item like the (breakthru) Permagreen agitator and then raise the price way way up.
    DO NOT order a Permagreen agitators from this one seller on Ebay for $999.99

    If you are going to order a Permagreen agitator on eBay, order one from this seller, they've sold about 270 of them in the single packs, they are a good seller. $39.88 each
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    I bought mine direct from permagreen but i believe site one has them if you need it right away.

    As much as i love mine, i don't think I'd go for one at $999
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    And you know what's really amazing is that there is someone who actually paid $1000 for 2 agitators.
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    Noooooo!!! Really!!
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    Actually a lot of resellers on ebay and amazon will put a ridiculous price on an item when they are out of stock, apparently it is much easier to do a price change then to take a listing down and then repost it when you get more stock.
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    And Mr Efficiency,
    How about inventing a better screen?
    One with smaller openings so most of the lumps would be strained out. should be easy to remove--when needed--without cutting your fingers--yet not blow out on the highway at 75 mph. Should be rust-proof. Hole size adjustable--or--should come in small, medium and large sizes. For insecticide, granular, lime and salt. Flip-up hinge mount would be nice.
    Include a free can of fert-wax for free flowing applications.

    There is a special type of plastic that is unusually slick and non-stick. It is usually used to make sleds and cross country skis. HDPE. High density polyethylene.

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